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NextRow Digital +
Magnolia Partnership

Leverage Nextrow Digital’s expertise to create cutting-edge digital experiences with Magnolia’s CMS platform that accelerate personalization in the age of omnichannel marketing.

Magnolia Partner | NextRow Digital

NextRow Digital’s Gold Partnership with Magnolia

As a renowned member of a group of Gold partners, we at NextRow Digital enable businesses to enjoy the benefits of the Magnolia platform to meet the evolving needs of their target audience, deliver customized experiences and drive a new level of insights and innovation.

Combining our in-depth understanding of the MarTech space with engineering expertise and agile, collaborative approach, we follow a strategic roadmap to design and develop the unique web and mobile applications that help our clients to seize the “best of both worlds”, enabling them to maximize their business impact and build a long-lasting relationship with their customers.

Taking into consideration the diverse needs, the team of NextRow Digital create an environment that puts organizations on the path of success in the world of digital transformation, thus encouraging them to unlock the full potential of the business landscape and gain a competitive edge in the market.


Gold partner with Magnolia | NextRow Digital

Want to make the most of your investment in Magnolia platform? Let’s discuss your requirements over a cup of coffee!

Why Partner with NextRow Digital

Why NextRow Digital?

At NextRow Digital, with over a decade of experience, we, irrespective of your industry type, help you deliver a world-class experience to your customers and enhance your marketing and business performance.

We bring together the capabilities, processes, and expertise required to build the digital products and services that your customers are looking for! We have the consumer insights and technical talent to develop digital experiences that can cut through the clutter and help earn your customers’ attention and get real results.

Keeping your business goals in mind, the team develops a strategy that outlines the experiences you want to create, manage and deploy at every customer-level interaction. As a leading provider of digital and MarTech services, we also assist you in planning your future activities so that you can win the trust of your audience every time they engage with your business.


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