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Over the years, NextRow has developed and adopted a best practice approach for AEM Assets’ implementations that has helped countless clients. NextRow for Assets delivers everything you need in an AEM Assets implementation. The benefits you get from collaboration with us are invaluable.

What differentiates NextRow from others?

We are an Adobe AEM Specialized Partner

Eliminate the unnecessary labor costs

Ensure highly available IT systems and processes to curate, control, and communicate brand’s most valuable asset

Integrate sites & assets to create a unified integrated intelligent automation platform

Migration to AEM Assets

Migration, either from one DAM to another or from a different storage system to your AEM Asset can be a daunting task. But not anymore! The several best practices that we have developed from our years of experience ensure that this process is streamlined and effective to protect the movement of your assets. AEM Assets is an easy and an intuitive digital asset management system that saves our valuable time and keeps us away from unnecessary headaches.

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AEM Assets Optimization

As your ally, NextRow Digital, helps you categorize, manage, and distribute valuable branded content. You get the leverage of NextRow’s expertise to facilitate your AEM Assets’ initiative, thereby solving the problem of centralizing the assets. We also provide the right optimization that allows sharing assets across teams & agencies that ultimately enhances the productivity of enterprises.

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Sites & Assets Integration

We help you synchronize your assets within Adobe Experience Manager Assets with sites that let you synchronize your assets with Adobe Marketing Cloud products and vice versa. NextRow delivers everything you need in an AEM digital assets implementation within 8 weeks or even much lesser time.

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AEM Assets Training

The AEM Assets training program is for developers, who have completed the basic CQ5 developer training course. This program helps you learn ways to customize and manage asset metadata and various other processes required for workflows. You will also learn how to configure dynamic media to deliver multiple variations of rich content, configure the assets proxy and automate asset translation workflows to provide multilingual support, and manage assets by using Sling servlets.

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Why NextRow

Irrespective of the industry type, NextRow Digital helps you deliver a world-class experience to your customers and also enhances your marketing and business performance. The following are some of our key strengths:

  • Enhanced customer reach
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Increased employee engagement
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Together We Build Experiences

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The services we offer at NextRow encompass the assistance elements necessary to achieve a successful and powerful web presence, and we are bound to deliver this at all levels by enlisting the skills of every specialized department.

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