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Adobe Journey Optimizer

Build connected, contextual, and hyper-personalized customer journeys across channels and devices in real-time. Also, power your email and mobile campaigns with Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO). NextRow Digital can help you setting up world-class journey management.

Want to Take the Futuristic Journey-Based Approach for Your Campaigns?

Whether your customers are reaching your website, offline store, or call center, turn their experience into intuitive journeys with the right use of AJO. In this case, NextRow can help you to make the most of AJO and adobe customer journey orchestration built on the Adobe Experience Platform.

NextRow is an Adobe Silver Partner with journey orchestration adobe experience platform experts. And, these experts can help you with customer journey optimization while improving marketing ROI.

Modern Omnichannel Campaigns

Find opportunities to intervene and optimize your conversions. Also, design experiences in AJO based on real-time integrated profiles and events. Leverage NextRow’s expertise in data and campaigns to identify and deliver 1:1 customer engagement.

Integrated Assets Workflow

Seamlessly author and manage all your assets. Also, template them in a single place to use across sites, apps, and campaigns. Leverage NextRow Digital’s decade-long experience in content and assets management, without any doubt. Eventually, deliver highly consistent brand experiences.

AI-Powered Journeys

Predict and offer the next best step for your customers with Adobe Journey IQ as well as Adobe Journey AI. In addition to this, offer adobe customer journey management solutions to optimize the end-customer journey. NextRow can play a role in integrating AJO with Adobe Experience Platform services. For this purpose, we follow global best practices and help discover new horizons.

Value & Migration and Value Roadmap

Migrating from an existing email provider or a point solution can be a nightmare. However, NextRow Digital can help roadmap this and guide you to success. Manage access control system, profiles, and permissions as per the best practices. Additionally, mitigate the risk of data vulnerability.

customer journey optimization | customer journey management
customer journey optimization | customer journey management

Why NextRow Digital For Adobe Journey Optimizer Services?

NextRow Digital is a Customer Journey Management Adobe Solution Partner for enterprises across the globe. We are offering world-class journey management solutions that include strategy design, campaign planning, optimization, and training.

At NextRow Digital, we help you deliver the best to your customers using futuristic technologies and tools. Predict your customers’ behavior precisely and serve them better with a digital customer journey manager. To be sure, our Journey Management Solutions can take your marketing capabilities to the next level.  Also, we are happy to make your journey better by optimizing efficiency and overall business ROI. Get in touch with us now!


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