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Adobe Target

Personalize and optimize customer experiences with Adobe Target.
At NextRow Digital, we help you roll out the best tailored experiences
to the audience through A/B testing, user behavior and
personal recommendations.

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Unleash the Potential of Adobe Target with NextRow Digital!

Delivering consistent experience to the prospects is the key to reducing the bounce rate, increasing the visitor’s conversions and maximizing revenue from websites, mobile apps, social media channel and other digital channels, with measurable insights.

At NextRow Digital, we help you empower your digital presence with the ability to design and target content for a specific set of audience, while performing the multivariable testing. Our team keep an eye on your customer’s journey to see what works best for them and accordingly built-in the best practices to truly engage the attention of your audience.

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Our Adobe Target Services


Strategy Building

Whether you want to run A/B tests or a full-fledged personalization, NextRow Digital can help you create digital experience framework with a foolproof strategy that caters to your business goals. Talk to one of our certified Adobe Target experts to understand how NextRow Digital helps you implement Adobe Target with your eco-system and how it plays a key role in strategy building for your business.

Strategy Building | NextRow Digital
Adobe Target Implementations | NextRow Digital


Adobe Target Implementations

NextRow is an authorized business level partner with Adobe and our services include the full-cycle implementation of Adobe Target, migration to AEM and Adobe Target upgrades. We deploy world-class solutions by following a strategic roadmap plan step-by-step and help you achieve true one on one personalization with your digital presence either be through the website or app or social channels.


Adobe Target Integration

At NextRow Digital, we understand that every organization’s needs are different from others and so are their marketing strategies. Because of this, our certified team of Adobe experts gives you the flexibility to integrate Adobe Target platform with all the Adobe products and other third-party resources to unify customer profiles and achieve real time personalization which is consistent across channels.

Integrations | NextRow Digital
Optimization and Best Practices | NextRow Digital


Adobe Target Optimization

Catering to the diverse needs of every business, we at NextRow Digital adopt a unique approach to revisit the existing Adobe Target implementation, which ranges from restructuring your audience’s integration of static or dynamic data sets into Target library to KPI audit to redesigning target activities while adhering to the industry’s best standards.


Adobe Target Training

As a certified partner of Adobe, we organize on-site, remote and on-demand Adobe Target training programs for beginners and experienced people. So, whether you are looking for a basic training, advanced developer training or a business user training course, the industry experts at NextRow Digital can conduct hands-on training programs for you and your organization.

Adobe Target Training | NextRow Digital
Adobe Target | NextRow Digital

Why Choose NextRow Digital?

NextRow Digital is the new-age digital agency that delivers the “best of both worlds” of a digital agency and a system integrator to clients looking to boost their business growth and drive higher ROI through digital transformation. We are a born-in-digital company that uniquely combines the power of technology, analytics, creative and content for digital transformation.

For more than a decade, our fully integrated, creative and technical development teams have been working together to strategically create, deploy and optimize marketing content that inspires and strengthens profitable relationships between you and your customers. While we do not believe in “one-size-fits-for-all” approach, we offer customized MarTech solutions that cater to your business requirements and enable you to reap the benefits of success.