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Right Experience To The Right Customer At The Right Time With Multi Variable Testing

Adobe Target is an Experience Cloud solution that facilitates an organization to tailor and personalize your user’s experience to maximize revenue from websites, mobile apps, social media and other digital channels, with measurable insights. Adobe Target empowers your digital presence with the ability to design and target content to a specific set of audience, while performing A/B testing, multivariate testing and auto allocating the optimal design and personalized content seamlessly.

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Strategy Building

Whether you want to run A/B tests or full fledged personalization NextRow's certified Business Practitioners will work with you build strategy you need to adopt. Talk to one of our certified Adobe Target experts to understand how NextRow helps you implement Adobe Target and how it plays a key role in strategy building for your business.


Adobe Target Implementation

NextRow is an authorized business level partner with Adobe and our services include Adobe Target Implementation data import to create more detailed audiences in Target. Seamless Integrations with other user data sources. Application of all of Target capabilities to optimize the website and achieve true one on one personalization to all of the users interacting with your digital presence either be through the website or app or social channels.



The greatest minds in personalization and audience targeting agree that an organizations ability to cater its users is highly dependent on the quality of data collected and how the data is processed into concrete audience sets. NextRow adheres to the statement and all the implementations have strongly proven that significance of it. NextRow specializes in implementing and using the available data to the best of its quality through integrations. Unline other marketing cloud such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Social and Audience Manager, NextRow can help in building integrations to other 3rd party data resources as well. Such as data acquired through 3rd party resources, offline data (data dump) or through other web analytics such as Google. Also, NextRow understands each unique set of data and serve the purpose to audience; to achieve real time personalization which is consistent across channels and unifies a customer’s user experience.


Optimization & Best Practices

NextRow provides optimization services for existing Target implementations which would range from restructuring your audiences further integrations of static or dynamic data sets into Target library. KPI audit and redesigning testing and targeting activities to align with the business goals while adhering to the best practices


Adobe Target Training

Basic or Advanced training's in Adobe Target. Developer or business user training. NextRow offers one centralized place for your Adobe Target training. Training's are offered Onsite and Offsite conducted by industry experts.

Why choose NextRow for your Adobe Target project?

  • Leverage NextRow’s certified Adobe Target experts and maximize the value of Adobe Target.
  • Strong implementation experience over a wide range of Adobe Target projects for several Fortune 500 clients.
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