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Customer Journey Analytics

Get a true omnichannel understanding of your customer behavior to manage and optimize their experiences. NextRow Digital can help you use the full potential of Customer Journey Analytics (CJA).

Customer Journey Analytics

Drive Your Marketing Decisions on Cross-Channel Intelligence

Expand the scope of your web analytics with CJA and adobe journey orchestration experts. Additionally, get a holistic picture, visualize, and analyze for impactful insights. As a matter of fact, you can accomplish these with a wide variety of data using Customer Journey Tool.

NextRow Digital is an Adobe Silver Partner with a trusted platform and CJA experts. So, our AEP customer journey analytics experts can help you achieve higher business outcomes. Also, we offer a full suite of consulting services related to adobe Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Experience Platform. From implementation and integration to optimization and training, we cover everything for you.

Data Collection Strategy and Implementation

Data is the new oil. In addition to this, we can help you bring data from various sources such as web, mobile apps, and CRM into the Adobe platform for CJA to consume. Leverage NextRow Digital’s deep expertise here to design a robust data collection strategy for CJA.

Person Identity and Data Management

Our AEP CJA experts will help you devise an identity strategy for combining the data sets. In addition, we use the industry best practices and customer journey analytics solutions to configure the datasets for maximum impact.

Custom Dashboards and Scorecards

NextRow Digital’s deep experience in customer and web analytics can help you build use-case-based dashboards. Also, we can assist you with customer journey data visualization across the web and mobile platforms.

Value and Migration Roadmap

All in all, NextRow Digital can help you deliver more ROI by optimizing your existing investments in data collection and analytics. Also, we create value-focused roadmaps for migration as well as augmentation of traditional web analytics solutions.

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Marketo Migration Services

Why Nextrow Digital for Adobe’s CJA Solutions?

Today, when businesses are aligning around real customers (not devices). In that case, Customer Journey Data Analytics would have a great impact on your digital strategy. Take our experts’ help to understand how you can optimize your business outcomes. In addition to this, we help you with the righteous use of CJA built on the Adobe Experience Platform.

NextRow Digital helps you with adobe customer journey management, implementation, migration, and optimization. So, you can take your web analytics to the next level. Get in touch with us to know how you can integrate Adobe CJA perfectly for a positive business result.


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