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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developer

  • Possessing an overall experience of 5 years as AEM developer.
  • Strong technical knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and other frameworks.
  • Experience in implementing AEM content management system.
  • Experience with building and integrating to RESTful web services.
  • Experience working with geographically separate project teams.
  • Experience with secure coding practices.
  • Should be capable to support AEM components, integrations and applications.
  • Should be capable of training people on how to use the different features and tools of AEM.
  • Should be capable of working with front-end developers, project managers and IT team to ensure the seamless functionality.
  • Must be an independent player.
  • Should be capable of adhering to the best AEM practices to install and configure AEM environment.
  • Assist the cross-functional teams to test the functionality of the application and deploy in production environment.

Adobe Analytics Expert

  • Capable of capturing the visitor’s data from multiple websites.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge, expertise and support on new and old projects.
  • Generate analytics reports based on the data.
  • Determine how to map online and offline data to identify the KPIs for measurable outcomes.
  • Keeping a track of customer online journey and behavior.
  • Provide valuable insights on how to improve customer experience.
  • Engage with clients and their team to fulfil their business goals and other requirements.
  • Analyze the performance of Adobe campaigns and see where it is lagging.
  • Assist the team, whenever needed.

Business Analyst

  • Create functional specifications, instructions, reports, process documents, case studies, training materials, user documentation, and flowcharts.
  • Provide efficient solutions to enhance the overall functionality of the software.
  • Modify the business plan, standards and guidelines to adhere to the industry standards.
  • Ensure that the architecture is designed as per the end-users needs.
  • Write test cases, assurance practices, and assessments.
  • Liaison between the business and its clients.
  • Simplify business requirements for the team.
  • Explain technical terms to non-technical people.
  • Act as an advisor to application developers, quality assurance analysts, and senior managers in guiding the risk, vulnerabilities and potential problems associated with the project.
  • Make sure that the project meets the business requirements, goals, budget and target audience.
  • Facilitate educational workshops, design walkthroughs and business modeling for team members.
  • Write test cases, assurance practices and assessments.
  • Keep an eye on the latest tools, technologies, and advancements to modernize systems.
  • Define the baseline of the projects.
  • Evaluate key performance indicators to address and deploy the solutions wisely.
  • Support the individuals and team members during the project development life cycle.
  • Give final approval on the project deliverables.
  • Handle the responsibility of success release handover.
  • Incorporate client feedback into projects.