May 19, 2022

Customer Experience With
Marketo Dynamic Chat

Brands spend a lot of money to deliver great customer experiences, so the customers come back to buy more. Website chat is one way for brands to connect with customers better in real-time. And chatbots are nothing new. Automated chat platforms help brands cut labor costs while providing some meaningful…
April 14, 2021

How to Maximize your Marketo ROI

Measuring the effectiveness of any tool in terms of revenue contribution is key when finessing your marketing practices. Knowing whether the tech used is delivering any return on investment is crucial to any organization looking to optimize its marketing practices. Optimizing a complex marketing automation tool such as Marketo requires…
March 4, 2021

How To Plan And Migrate To Marketo

Migrating your current marketing automation to Marketo is an easy decision to make, but there is a huge volume of data, growing daily, that makes the transition tricky. Moreover, marketers need to keep up with the many channels' customers use to remain relevant. Marketo steps in as one of the…
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