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Enhance Customer Experience With Adobe Marketo Dynamic Chat

Enhance Customer Experience With Marketo Dynamic Chat

Brands spend a lot of money to deliver great customer experiences, so the customers come back to buy more. Website chat is one way for brands to connect with customers better in real-time. And chatbots are nothing new. Automated chat platforms help brands cut labor costs while providing some meaningful answers to customers’ questions round the clock. A recent survey indicated that 55% of businesses that use chatbots generate more high-quality leads. Adobe recognized there is a need for an enterprise chatbot that seamlessly integrates with Marketo for brands to understand their customer journey better and to deliver the best experiences to their customers.
Adobe recently released “Dynamic Chat”, their chatbot to deliver better experiences to their customers. With the one-click sync option, all the lead information and lead engagements will be sent to Marketo in real-time. Now your sales and marketing team can leverage natively integrated Marketo’s dynamic chat to accelerate sales pipeline, and conversion rate, book more sales meetings, optimize cross-channel marketing, and close deals faster while delivering an exceptional customer experience at the same time. This new marketing channel can help you enhance your cross-channel strategy to deliver exceptional experiences to web visitors and collect highly qualified leads.

Let’s look at some of the core Dynamic Chat’s features, benefits, and how you can leverage it to solve your challenges and optimize the overall Marketo capabilities.

Features Highlights

  • Out-of-the-box chat dialogues

Individual chat conversations are referred to as chat dialogues. You can design dialogues to specify where they will be displayed, who can see them, and what should be the content for conversations. You will have full control over which page your dialogue chat will appear with the ability to exclude any specific page or URL. Built-in reports help you evaluate the effectiveness of the individual dialogues. Chat dialogues can be configured in many languages for localization.

  • Book meeting with sales

Dynamic chat allows seamless transition of lead from marketing to sales by allowing sales team calendars synced to Marketo. This reduces the manual process of transferring a lead from the marketing team to the sales and helps them close the deal faster.

  • Lead and account targeting

Marketers know the value of retargeting. Being able to understand the customer journey is extremely important for a marketer to enable the brands to connect with the leads better based on the lead’s interaction. Dynamic chat enables marketers better retargeting based on the lead’s online behavior.

  • Document cloud integration

Marketers love to share marketing material with the leads. Dynamic chat allows you to share the PDF via document cloud to help your leads make better decisions and engage in meaningful conversations.

  • Define Goals

Conversational marketing is whopping 92% since 2019 and continues to grow. In this situation, your biggest concern will be how to differentiate your brand from others. Your business objective and what you want to achieve from your chatbot solution will be the key differentiator. Your objective will shape chat experiences to fit best into your marketing needs. Dynamic chat allows you to define multiple goals including a must-have primary goal. It is recommended to focus heavily on your primary goal, the secondary goal can be added later.

  • Chat Analytics

As a marketer, you have predefined goals or milestones to be achieved. Dynamic Chat allows you to track and analyze chat dialogues at a granular level. You will get an in-depth understanding of your interaction with every visitor, lead source, and visitor’s behavior to improve your performance. You can easily trigger and revise target activities based on the performance results.

Major Challenges Solved by Dynamic Chat

  1. Marketers can capture deeper details with hyper-personalized conversation. With high-quality information captured, marketing and sales teams can enjoy quality lead generation and route leads more deliberately to the most suited campaigns.
  2. B2B businesses experience relatively longer sales cycles. Dynamic chat can help you shorten the sales cycle and generate more leads in a shorter interval of time.
  3. If you have several websites and products, it is complex to figure out the most effective content for individual websites. Dynamic chat will help you find out which content works best for your customers and also help you improve your chat conversation.
Marketo Dynamic Chat

How You Can Start With Marketo Dynamic Chat

Dynamic chat is available for use at no additional cost with Select, Prime, and Ultimate Marketo’s Package. All new Marketo customers will get it automatically and all current customers can access it immediately after renewal. Enable your Dynamic chatbot with these steps:

  • Connect your data with Marketo Engage.
  • Customize the style of the chatbot window (such as color, font, avatar, etc.). Define your target criteria and create the dialogue stream with a simple drag and drop method.
  • Add a JavaScript snippet to your website and you are ready to go.

How Dynamic Chat optimizes Marketo’s Capabilities

  • Personalized and custom chats will help you capture more qualified leads and lead scores. You can also update lead scores and route leads collected from your website.
  • Based on chat engagement, you can nurture the visitors specific to their requirements and initiate a personalized conversation with each visitor.
  • Bring your visitors to your webinar, email campaigns, and other events to deliver an integrated and cross-channel experience.

Grow Your Business With Dynamic Chat Solution 

Consumers expect more relevant and personalized offers and services whenever they interact with a brand. Dynamic chat has out-of-the-box features that will reshape your personalization campaigns at scale. You can understand your visitors better than ever and engage with the right content at the individual level. Dynamic Chat helps you move them through the marketing and sales funnel in shorter intervals of time.

Curious to know more or need some help to begin with Dynamic Chat? Contact NextRow’s Marketo expert who can develop a framework to make the best use of the Dynamic Chat solution.  

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