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What is the New Inside Adobe Dynamic Chatbot?

What is the New Inside Adobe Dynamic Chatbot?

Today’s digital marketing demands a dynamic, responsive, and intelligent approach. Enter Adobe Dynamic Chat – an integral feature of Marketo Engage that promises to revitalize your digital communication strategy.

When Dynamic Chatbot was first introduced, its aim was clear – to offer foundational conversation automation tools that effortlessly integrate with your cross-channel marketing strategy. Adobe, never one to rest on its laurels, decided to amplify its functionalities. And the best part? All these added features come at zero extra cost.

what’s new in Adobe Dynamic Chat

What’s new in Adobe Dynamic Chat?

1. Expanded Conversational Avenues:

  • Live Chat: Directly engage with your site visitors, helping to speed up opportunity creation, qualification, and meeting bookings.
  • Sales Agent Workbench: Equip your sales agents with real-time insights and a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Live Chat Seats: Empower up to 5 sellers with the capability to chat live with potential customers.

2. Swift Qualification & Meeting Bookings:

  • Conversational Forms: Make your Marketo Engage forms more interactive, enabling instant meeting bookings and further lead information collection.
  • Conversational Flows SDK: Enhance any digital CTA with embedded conversational marketing experiences.
  • 100 Engaged Conversation Trial: Dive into engaged customer conversations or upgrade to Dynamic Chat Prime for even more capabilities.

3. Comprehensive Insights:

  • Performance Dashboards: Understand the performance of your live chats and sales agents at a glance.
  • Native Lead Source Tracking: Incorporate dynamic chat as a native lead source for streamlined tracking and reporting.

4. In-Depth Sales Insights:

  • Live Feed Activities: Stay updated with chat activities in real-time, ensuring marketing and sales alignment.
  • Chat Transcripts: Equip your sales team with transcripts and data to prepare them for subsequent interactions.

5. Advanced Segmentation & Automation:

  • New Triggers & Filters: Optimize smart lists and campaigns with new activity filters and triggers.
  • Trigger Tokens: Personalize internal workflows based on chat activities.

6. Unparalleled Control Over Conversations:

  • Domain Preferences: Control conversational flows and maintain data hygiene with blocked and allowed email domains.
  • Meeting Availability Settings: Allow agents to specify their availability for streamlined scheduling.

Stepping Up Your Game: Adobe Dynamic Chat Prime

Stepping Up Your Game: Adobe Dynamic Chat Prime

For those looking to fully harness the capabilities of conversational automation, Adobe introduces Dynamic Chat Prime. This upgraded version removes conversation limits, integrates with more calendars, and enables a richer experience through Adobe Sensei GenAI’s capabilities. From summarizing conversations for sales agents to transforming chatbots into brand ambassadors, the Prime version truly brings your chat game to the next level.

New Features of Dynamic Chat (Launched in Feb 2023)

New Features of Dynamic Chat (Launched in Feb 2023)

We’re thrilled to let you know about some great new features that have been added to Dynamic Chat. These updates are designed to make your experience even better and more efficient. Dynamic Configuration is the best trial practice.

1. Roles and Permissions

Managing who can access Dynamic Chat has gotten easier with the introduction of roles and permissions. You can now create your own user profiles and assign different levels of access to each profile. Marketo also set up three default profiles: Marketing Admin, Marketing User, and Calendar Agent.

2. Globalization of Static Content

While you’ve been able to create dialogues in different languages, they’ve taken things a step further. System-specific content that used to appear only in English will now be automatically translated based on the visitor’s language selection at the dialogue level.

3. Search in Stream Designer

Handling long dialogue streams is now simpler thanks to the new search function. You can easily search for specific text within a dialogue and quickly make any necessary changes. Marketo has even added keyboard shortcuts like ‘cmd+f’ or ‘ctrl+f’ to make the process even smoother.

4. Auto-populating Inferred Data

Leads generated through the chatbot will now be automatically synced with your Marketo Engage instance in nearly real-time. Additionally, visitor data inferred from their IP will be automatically filled into the correct inferred attributes, making lead capture more efficient and accurate.

5. Improved Dialogue Preview

The Dialogue Preview feature has been enhanced for a better experience. When previewing your dialogue, you can now click on icons within the response field to quickly identify and fix errors. This convenient feature allows you to smoothly navigate to the relevant card on your canvas, making editing easier and more efficient.

Why Should Companies Trust Adobe Gold Partner: NextRow?

Implementing, consulting, and managing these Adobe services may seem like a mountain to climb. That’s where NextRow, a trusted Adobe Gold Partner, comes into play. Outsourcing these services to experts like NextRow ensures a seamless and efficient integration of these advanced features into your existing framework. The result? Enhanced user experiences, streamlined operations, and a solid ROI.

In conclusion, Adobe Dynamic Chat, with its revamped features, provides companies with the tools to redefine their conversational marketing strategies. When coupled with the expertise of NextRow, businesses can ensure they are making the most of what Adobe has to offer.

Looking to delve deeper into the world of Adobe Dynamic Chat Prime? Stay tuned for our next blog where we unpack the myriad reasons and benefits of upgrading.

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