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Adobe Acquires Magento Commerce Platform

Adobe Acquires Magento: Experience Cloud Will Soon See Native Commerce Capabilities

Adobe – the market leader in multimedia and creativity software products, announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Magento Commerce, a leading e-commerce platform, for $1.68 billion. The deal is in the final stage and will be accomplished until the third quarter of 2018, at the above-stated value, subject to customary purchase price adjustments (Recently Adobe announced that it completed the transaction). Adobe through its press release has emphasized that the addition of the Magento Commerce Cloud will enable e-commerce businesses to be seamlessly integrated into the AEM Cloud, creating a single platform to serve both B2B and B2C customers globally.

We all know that in the digital world, content and data have been the most significant factors for designing and delivering digital experiences, and undoubtedly Adobe Experience Cloud Suite is best in the market that excels on both front. The extensive features included in Experience Cloud has attracted top B2B and B2C companies of this world, making it a leader in digital experience services. With the time, commerce has entered the digital space and is now an integral part of the customer digital experience. Customers want an Experience-driven commerce on the web, mobile, social media, in-product or in-store and to be the best on this front as well Adobe is acquiring the Magento. The Adobe acquisition of Magento will add the much-needed commerce element to the Creative to Campaign Adobe suite.

Let’s now introspect the positives of this Magento Acquisition by the Adobe:

* In the past, Adobe joined hands with many commerce platforms, but, still couldn’t offer a tighter commerce platform as part of its Experience Cloud suite. This merger will fill this void and now they can have an indigenous e-commerce platform to their Adobe Suite.

* Adobe can leverage the integration of the order management and predictive intelligence into their Experience Cloud to enhance B2B and B2C for the commerce industries like consumer-packaged goods, retail, wholesale, manufacturing and the public sector.

* Magento has prebuilt extensions, including payment, shipping, tax, and logistics, that will give Adobe Experience Cloud an ability to quickly revamp, and add next-generation commerce capabilities.

* Over the years, Magento has become the commerce platform for many big and mid-size companies including Coca-Cola, Canon, Helly Hansen etc. This gives Adobe an advantage with marketing-to-sale insight potential to complete their customer journey.

* Adobe and Magento have some big common clients like – Coca-Cola, Warner Music Group, Nestle and Cathay Pacific and they will definitely be benefitted most because of this integration of Magento to Adobe Experience Cloud.

* Magento is an open source platform that has 315,000 developers, 800 technology partners, and 350 systems integrators, and now all these will be a part of the Adobe ecosystem, bringing the power of Magento community to Adobe Experience Cloud Platform.

We can summarize this whole deal in the words of Adobe president and chief executive Shantanu Narayen, who said, “commerce is an integral part of the end-to-end customer experience and today customers expect every interaction to be shoppable”. The acquiring of Magneto showcases the commitment of Adobe in enhancing AEM Cloud platform to strengthen the enterprises to deliver top-notch Experience Businesses.

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