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Digital Trends Of 2018 That Will Change The Face Of Adobe Experience Manager

Digital Trends of 2018 That Will Change the Face of Adobe Experience Manager

In this contemporary period, the technology is changing at a very rapid pace. The year 2017 saw the surge in AI and machine learning based innovations and the same trends are expected to reach newer heights in 2018 with emerging technologies like voice, facial recognition, virtual reality, and augmented reality. The AI has also generated ‘Hue and Cries’ from many leading intellectuals from all the corners of this planet. There is a lot of discussion and concern over the future of AI and machine learning and the way it can impact humanity or affect the job market. However, the above-mentioned technologies and discoveries are all set to be carried forward, hence, it’s obvious that these will also change the face and future of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and other Adobe Experience Cloud products.

Let us look at some digital trends for 2018 along with some of the latest developments in Adobe and also the challenges and opportunities that are standing in the way of AEM and other Adobe Experience Cloud products.

1. Improved AI Features:

The current digital world is expected to see a 360 degree turn around with the emergence of improved AI and Machine Learning features. It’s because the AI and machine learning are much more advanced at analyzing and understanding text and images, but, we have to accept that both are still in incubating stage and will take some more time before we can be leveraged with all its amazing features.

Analyzing the potential and scope of AI, the Adobe had also launched it’s indigenous AI platform dubbed as Adobe Sensei in 2017. The main aim is to create cross-platform and proprietary based on artificial intelligence to power solutions like Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud. In AEM also, the Adobe Sensei has been integrated for features like smart tags in Assets and summarize text in the content fragment. In the coming years, it can be said that the potential of Adobe Sensei will completely change the overall experience of digital marketing. It will not only understand the singular piece of content but will also understand the larger content and experience. It will also be capable enough to assist us in becoming a more creative and better decision maker in real-time.

2. More Immersive Experience:

The products like Amazon Echo powered by Amazon Alexa and Google Home powered by Google Assistant, draw a lot of attention, which ultimately led to nearly 300% increase in their sales in 2017 (Billboard). And now the tech world is buzzing with the upcoming Apple HomePod powered by Siri, which is all set to reach the market by next month. The increase in these products and the personal assistants has made one thing clear that we are becoming really very fond of technologies with the human touch. Further, the 360 photos and video based on the integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) has made the users awestruck and the AR & VR handsets are helping us to immerse in the new world of entertainment. These headsets are not just allowing you to see it on the screen but feel it in front of your eyes. It is being expected that the new developments of VR and AR in 2018 may bring more prospects to the immersive experience and can also be a game-changing revolution in digital marketing.

Currently, AEM has the features to create, streamline, support and manage a consistent and immersive customer experience that will be soon extended to the Adobe Experience Cloud products. AEM comes with support for 3D assets, from which you can upload, create and render a 3D image. Also, AEM has structured content fragments and content services ability which enables export of content to phone app or Amazon Alexa. Adobe is also expected to soon integrate 360 assets to AEM dynamic media as well.

3. Personalization:

The digital marketing and experience business will see some advanced features with regards to the personalization feature. As we all know that the personalization is the core of online business and it helps enterprises to target their current and potential customers.

With Adobe you have three major weapons to execute the Personalization process for every single user. The first one is with the AEM, second with the help of Adobe Target, and third is the combination of both i.e. AEM, Target and Analytics (Adobe analytics). AEM gives content creators an opportunity to create and manage experience content in the same tool. It also comes with Assets, Content Fragments, Experience Fragments etc. to provide a more personalized experience to the users. Adobe Target empowers marketers by helping them creating more advanced A/B testing and multivariance testing. It also has Adobe Sensei features that have Random Forest algorithm for automated personalization, to use Search & Promote for site search and e-commerce.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Adobe has moved forward and is a step closer in the direction of omnichannel personalization. It has launched the Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 during the Adobe Summit 2018 and on the personalization front, the AEM 6.4 comes with the Smart Layouts powered By Adobe Sensei to give the personalized brand experience to the customers across all touch points.

If you have any questions regarding the AEM 6.4 and the ways in which it can transform your digital experience for your business, then do ask from us. Contact us today to discuss your current or next Adobe project at +1-847-592-2920.

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