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Know about Digital Asset Management Capabilities in AEM 6.4

Know All About New Digital Asset Management Capabilities Included in AEM 6.4

In today’s world, Data is the bread and butter of all the digital businesses, and Content Management System (CMS) is considered as the powerhouse to execute all the web-based functionaries. To ease the online business doing, there are many Content Management Systems available, but, the one that has garnered most of the attention from Enterprises, is Adobe Experience Manager CMS. Over the years, the AEM has gone through various changes to accommodate more features to assist businesses in the best possible ways and in a much easier and efficient manner.

Continuing the previous trends, this year also Adobe has launched the latest Adobe Experience Manager 6.4, that comes with many changes and alluring features. Out of all, the various advanced and new capabilities included in the AEM assets is at the center of all talks. Adobe has gone beyond DAM’s traditional focus on storage and has included exciting new technologies for workflows, dynamic imaging, search, and distribution. The latest AEM 6.4 also comes with the improved performance and enhanced search and metadata features to help marketing teams work on, find and use assets faster. Let us look at some of the top-notch DAM features that have been rolled out with the latest Adobe Experience Manager 6.4.

1. Asset Search Improvements:

Prior to AEM 6.4, one could not search by folder name in Omni Search option, however, now one can either search by file name or folder name or both. It also allows you to filter the assets by their MIME type (.png, .jpg, .tiff, .svg, .psd etc) to refine the search results.

It has also implemented the changes on the search results page and has added New Search back button with an ability to navigate to a search item and come back to the same position in search results without running the search query again. Next and Previous buttons are also added to navigate to assets in a folder instead of clicking each one by one.

AEM Assets

2. Browsing Improvements:

AEM 6.4 presents users with a Content Tree rail in combination with list view to easily navigate assets hierarchy. It also has an improved lazy loading experience in the card and list view when it comes to browsing a huge number of assets.

3. Keyboard shortcuts:

AEM 6.4 comes with some keyboard shortcuts in assets such as (m) for Move operation, (p) for navigation to properties page, (ctrl+c) for copy operation and backspace for delete and many more. With this feature, now you don’t have to always use the mouse and can also use the keyboard shortcuts as well.

4. Meta Data Schemas:

AEM 6.4 now has a ‘3rd tab’ called ‘Rules’ (as shown in the image below), from here you can control and determine whether a value for a field is required or not. Also, you can change the visibility of the field depending on custom rules.

Digital Asset Management

5. Metadata Management Capabilities:

AEM 6.4 includes multiple advanced metadata management capabilities to manage metadata at scale and enforce metadata integrity through rules and validations. New Bulk Metadata Export capability enables you to export (all or selective) metadata for the large number of assets in CSV format for editing, sharing, and third-party integration. In similar fashion, the New Bulk Metadata Import capability has been included for importing CSV file for adding new metadata, updating existing metadata for multiple assets in one go. This feature is useful in case you need to do any bulk updates for metadata.

6. Asset Reports:

AEM 6.4 has major asset reporting enhancements:

  • A new reporting UI where users can generate reports on their own by specifying different folder paths, date range etc.
  • A feature to generate report instantly or at a future date & time.
  • It includes few new reports such as Disk Usage report and Files report.
  • It allows adding custom columns/fields to reports such as Asset Upload report, Asset Download report.
  • A report purge functionality used to delete reports which are no longer required.

7. Insights View Option:

If you have configured AEM with insights then you can get the insights view as well along with the list, column, and card view options.

Apart from the above, AEM 6.4 Assets also comes with Smart translation search and Smart tags using Adobe Sensei – an Artificial Intelligence tool developed indigenously by Adobe.

1. Adobe Sensei Powered Smart Translation Search:

AEM 6.4 has introduced Smart Translation Search capability to support multilingual search, which enables globally distributed teams across multiple locales to access and search in different languages without having to go through costly and time-consuming translation workflows. Multi-lingual search supports more than 50 global languages and is based on open source library Apache Joshua.

2. Enhanced Smart Tags Powered by Adobe Sensei:

With AEM 6.4 the Adobe has enhanced the SmartTags launched with AEM 6.3. The latest Smart Tags will instantly help the marketers in discovering the relevant images by the use of a self-learning algorithm powered by Adobe Sensei. This algorithm helps in fetching images and populates tags based on the unique business classification and also plays a vital role when new assets are introduced into the DAM, by identifying and creating unique tags. Along with the Smart Tags, some new tools have also been added to help the DAM admins by empowering them to automatically import, export, curate, extract, manage, administer, and govern metadata for large repositories of digital assets.

In the above article, we have discussed some latest DAM capabilities in AEM Assets, if you have any queries regarding the AEM 6.4 or AEM Assets and the ways in which it can transform your digital experience for your business, then do ask us. Email today to discuss your current or next Adobe project at +1-847-592-2920.

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