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Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools help you address everyday challenges that organizations face on centralizing the digital assets (such as documents, PDFs, images and more), finding them and embedding them seamlessly with other tools. Here are some of the benefits that a DAM platform brings to you:

Access assets from one central repository.

Have flexible access controls to the DAM repository.

Share assets across teams and outside agencies.

Integrate with eCommerce, CRM and other platforms.

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Vendor Neutral Analysis

You heard it many times that Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps you to centralize and find these assets when you need them, along with providing additional benefits such as savings in time and money. But how do you select the right DAM platform for your company? Do you go with the best in the industry, or go with a cost-effective solution or something else?


Our vendor-neutral DAM selection process starts with interviewing your business teams. We map your business needs with the feature sets of different platforms, allocate weight and look at the long-term roadmap for each solution, along with your technical capabilities to suggest the best product. Our detailed vendor selection framework helps organizations not only in selecting the right DAM solution but also in ensuring that they are successful. On selection of the right DAM solution, we will oversee the entire implementation process to ensure a successful production launch within the timeline and allocated budget.


Digital Asset Management Strategy

Most organizations do not maximize the value of their digital assets across channels. And without a comprehensive digital asset management strategy, assets are left disorganized, lost, or insecurely stored, often costing your company precious time and money.

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DAM Implementation Services

NextRow is a full-service implementation shop, affording customers the opportunity to partner with a top rated company throughout the planning and implementation of DAM. NextRow offers business analysis, functional analysis, project management, product integration, extended programming, and training and support services around digital asset management.

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DAM Value-added Services

By using the available APIs and custom programming, NextRow has extended the digital asset management systems to streamline workflows and repetitive tasks. In addition, NextRow has developed customizations to connect digital asset management systems with other business systems and databases, such as web content management systems, multi-channel publishing systems, workflow management systems along with CRM and many back-office systems.

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Enterprise Application Integration

NextRow can help extend the value of your existing digital asset management system by integrating it with other business systems in the enterprise and building customizations to accommodate new business needs. NextRow has helped customers from one cohesive solution by integrating digital asset management with web content management systems, multi-channel publishing systems, and workflow management systems, as well as CRM and other back-office systems..

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Adobe Experience Manager Assets

Adobe Experience Manager Assets provides deep, built-in connectivity across Creative Cloud applications. We are Adobe Business Solution Partner and our services make it easier for creatives and marketers to collaborate. We help you to accelerate the creation of great content and its delivery across the Adobe Cloud or third-party teams.

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