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Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 Major Highlighting Features

Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 Major Highlighting Features

In the modern digital sphere, customer experience has become key for organizations and their brands to fuel and propel brand-customer interaction. Since its inception, Adobe Experience Manager has empowered organizations to innovate, optimize, and deliver content across all digital channels in a smarter and faster way. The latest Adobe Experience Manager 6.5, which was unveiled from the grand stage of the Adobe Summit 2019, has now been made available (April 2019) for the upgrade. There is a lot of buzz about the aem 6.5 new features and the stronger infrastructure included in the latest AEM to deliver the top-notch customer experiences.

Let’s have a look at some latest innovations, features, and enhancements included in it to help brands lead in Customer Experience Management.

01. Magento & Experience Cloud integration:

This out of box integration was awaited since the acquisition of Magento by the Adobe in 2018. The integration has been made possible by the use of Adobe I/O Runtime. This Adobe I/O Runtime facilitates users with the ability to create custom microservices that can be consumed by any Adobe 3rd Party solutions. Also, many pre-built API connectors for Magento are shipped along with the latest Adobe Experience Manager 6.5. Apart from this, to understand the Magento integration better, AEM 6.5 is shipped with updated We.retail template along with e-commerce components.

02. New Single Page Application (SPA) Capabilities:

AEM 6.5 addresses some of the challenges that come with the implementation of the single page application to deliver dynamic web experiences by including Single-Page Application (SPA) Editor. Also, the new SPA capabilities include the server-side rendering of client-side frameworks for enhanced page load and SEO purposes, along with integration with Adobe Target for personalization and Adobe Analytics for data and insights. Earlier, another biggest challenge for a SPA in a CMS was to allow marketers to author SPA content so that they continue to have a high content velocity. Adobe has addressed this issue in AEM 6.5 by introducing a JavaScript SDK that automatically recognizes SPA content and allows authors to edit the content as they would do with any traditional content. The new AEM 6.5 SPA Archetype automatically configures that SPA JavaScript SDK so that this doesn’t have to be done by the developer, which speeds up the implementation time.

03. Advanced Fluid Experiences:

Advanced Fluid Experience integration ensures the fast flowing of content across owned, earned and paid media channels. The unique combination of data and content in Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 helps brands to take customers on a variety of personalized journeys. Also, the marketers now have the ability to design, deliver and optimize experiences on digital displays in physical venues like – in-store screens or kiosks. The integration of Adobe Analytics has made it easy to optimize experiences by dynamically personalizing these signage content.

04. Advanced Integration of The Adobe Sensei To Experience Manager 6.5:

Previously, the integration of Adobe Sensei to AEM 6.4 has assisted users in customizing the design and content based on the individual customer preferences along with 360-degree view feature. Now powered by Adobe Sensei, the latest AEM 6.5 has been rolled out with some advanced features like – Smart Tagging of media assets, Visual Search, and Smart Crop. For understanding, with the help of Adobe Sensei, Smart Crop automatically identifies and crops the most significant part of a video or image to ensure that the most impactful part of the content is shown, irrespective of the size or orientation of the screen. Apart from this, the organizations using Adobe Managed Services for hosting will get new Autoscaling Services powered by Adobe Sensei in their Cloud Manager to automatically detect the increased demand and henceforth will generate the more online capacity to overcome that.

05. Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud:

The expectations to deliver personalized contents has made it mandatory for the brands to create streamlined and highly optimized contents for any digital channel. Earlier, AEM Assets users have experienced a high degree of resentment while integrating their AEM Assets implementations with their Creative Cloud applications. This issue has been resolved now by including Asset Link, which provides an AEM integration point and a Creative Cloud Custom Panel, allowing the creative users to see their entire AEM DAM in their Creative Suite. Now, creative users can easily browse the AEM DAM and reuse the assets without leaving creative applications such as – Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

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06. Staying in Sync With Connected Assets:

This improvement in AEM 6.5 is a huge benefit for large enterprise clients to simplify digital asset management across multiple instances. Often clients have multiple AEM Systems in their organization. There can be one instance of a centralized DAM and another for the website. This scenario can make it difficult to keep assets in sync across all the systems. The connected assets in AEM 6.5 allow AEM authors to see assets from other AEM instances when they are creating content. If any external asset is added, the local AEM instance will store a copy of the asset or refer to a remote asset and afterward a reference is added to the external system.

07. Advanced Security Along with Cloud Scale:

Today we live in a digital world which is highly fragile and prone to the hackers and so keeping this in mind the AEM 6.5 has been integrated with the SLA management, which is mandatory for the enterprise-grade security and architectural guidance. Apart from this, the various security levels are included for Sites, Assets, and Forms, to scale and adapt to the growing customer base of the organization. 

08. Parallel Handling of Marketing, Creative, And IT Operations: 

The integration of the new user interface has made it possible to work freely at marketing, creative, and IT operational level without causing hindrance to any other segment. Also, the Single-Page App (SPA) Editor helps you to use and collaborate with the latest front-end developer technologies and business associates for content.

09. Personalized Experience for The Customers:

The Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 comes with the Smart Layouts that has been powered By AI to give personalized brand experience to the customers. Based on the previous buying trends of the customer, the page automatically modifies the suggestions to suit them the best. Further, the use of Adobe Target helps to take personalization for the specific customer to the next level.

10. Seamless Upgrade To AEM 6.5:

We all know that last year Adobe introduced Cloud Manager as a continuous delivery pipeline for AEM code. Cloud Manager allows clients to deliver high-quality features and also simplifies the previously difficult process to upgrade to the latest version of AEM. To help more customers migrate to the latest version, Adobe is introducing frictionless updates for AEM via Cloud Manager. Starting with AEM 6.5, clients are empowered to easily upgrade their AEM version to ensure they have the most advanced, streamlined customer experience management tools. The automated workflow takes customers through several steps based upon Adobe’s best practices for upgrades.

Above we have discussed some of the important AEM 6.5 features, but the list doesn’t end here. To know more about AEM new 6.5 features or the ways in which it can transform your digital experience for your business, contact us today at +1-847-592-2926 or email at To know more about NextRow Digital and our services, visit us

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