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Adobe Campaign brings together the power of data, design and optimized delivery to provide seamless cross channel experiences and data driven engagement, powered with automation. Adobe Campaign helps you create, orchestrate and measure campaigns across multiple channels to deliver consistent experiences across channels powered with Adobe Sensei, the artificial intelligence engine.

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Consulting & Implementation

Our Adobe certified experts backed by experience gained from dozens of implementations will let our teams help you implement right way and design processes to optimize across all marketing touch points. Whether you need full implementation or support on as needed basis, we are here to handhold and support you.

Campaign Migration

NextRow understands that our job doesn’t end with selling Adobe Campaign to you. Our job starts now to help plan your migration of your current campaign database and map the current tables with Adobe campaign tables, and support till the end and until you are self-sufficient on Campaign executions

Campaign Execution

A recent survey revealed 90% of marketers use the marketing automation platform for basic email campaigns. How well you are equipped with creating campaigns and executing them? How well your team is trained with tips and tricks needed for successful day to day operations? This is where NextRow’s campaign execution team comes in to help you.

Campaign Integrations

NextRow has experienced Adobe Campaign developers, business practitioners and architects with extensive experience in implementing Adobe campaign services and integrating them with Adobe Marketing Cloud as well as other platforms. We help you maximize Adobe Campaign’s robust functionality.

Why choose NextRow for your next Adobe Campaign project?

Believe In NextRow Team’s Expertise

Leverage NextRow’s deep expertise on Adobe Campaign and maximize the value we deliver for your Adobe Campaign project

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