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What Is Adobe Experience Cloud and How It Benefits You

What Is Adobe Experience Cloud and How It Benefits You?

The Digital arena has evolved significantly and continue to evolve. With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets come the skyrocketing customer expectations, brands are forced to rethink the strategies to win/retain their customers. To meet the contemporary competitive business landscape, marketers are constantly stressing the value of customer experience. Today, the idea of better user experience has become highly important and teams across advertising, sales, executive, and product development are recognizing the value of better user experience. The need for a cross-channel content delivery system is mandatory to keep everything in sync. Companies now need to meet various requirements to forge stronger connections with their customers, for brand loyalty and growth.

Vendors like Adobe, Salesforce are forefront in delivering integrated solutions for brands to leverage a single ecosystem to deliver a better experience for their audience.

Adobe’s cloud offerings went thru a major rebranding in the last couple of years and release “Adobe Experience Cloud” that integrates Marketing Cloud, Advertising Cloud, and Analytics Cloud. Adobe’s AI platform Sensei has since become an integral part of the Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem and it continues to improve the platforms.

Major Components of Adobe Experience Cloud:

Adobe Marketing Cloud:

It offers an integrated set of world-class solutions that empower marketers to craft experiences that differentiate their brands, connect with customers and proactively engage them. Further, it includes Adobe Experience Manager (Its part of marketing cloud)Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Social, and Adobe Primetime, to helps brands to manage, personalize, optimize and orchestrate campaigns and customer journeys. T0 know more about Marketing Cloud Integration, follow the Link.

Adobe Advertising Cloud:

It’s the first end-to-end platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats. Combining capabilities from Adobe Media Optimizer and recently acquired TubeMogulAdobe Advertising Cloud simplifies the delivery of video, display and search advertising across numerous channels, screens, and touchpoints.

Adobe Analytics Cloud:

It’s a customer intelligence engine that powers businesses by enabling them to move from insights to action in real-time by uniquely integrating audience data across all Adobe clouds. Further, it combines Adobe Audience Manager, the leading data and audience management platform, and Adobe Analytics, a leading solution for applying real-time analytics and detailed audience segmentation across all marketing channels. Also, the availability of the open APIs and Adobe Sensei in the Adobe Analytics Cloud enables brands to better capture, aggregate, rationalize and understand vast amounts of their own disparate data and then translate that data into unique profiles of their customers.

It must be noted that apart from the above three components of the Adobe Experience Cloud, it can also be integrated with the Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud.

Benefits of Adobe Experience Cloud:

Richer End-to-End Experiences Delivery:

The future experiences are believed to be heavily intertwined with intelligent systems such as Sensei and engaging one’s customer base through the use of AI and cloud technologies improves the journeys of both the customer and enterprise. Adobe Experience Cloud platform is all about designing for the future and we must understand that the experiences of tomorrow will require deep blending of content and data, powered by a common interface. Optimizing experiences has proven to make good business sense, and Adobe’s Experience Cloud lays the groundwork to make these experiences richer.

A single gateway to blend Data & Content:

Adobe Experience Cloud provides a single gateway to an enterprise for deploying throughout their businesses to measure, optimize, and personalize customer journeys at all touchpoints. The Adobe’s Experience Cloud keeps in sync every facet of a company — from advertising to product development and sales. Also, it comes with several tools that allow a business to express and extend the model to fit their specific needs. Enterprises can tailor the platform according to the way they want to interact with their customers. This is done by allowing disparate systems, such as content management, loyalty, and analytics solutions, to communicate freely with one another, which ultimately improves overall work efficiency.

Paperless Customer Experiences:

Adobe is giving a new dimension to the paperless customer experiences with enhanced integration between Adobe Experience Cloud and Document Cloud. Working together, Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms eliminate the cost and frustration of manual, paper-based processes for enrollment, onboarding, and service across the customer journey. the whole process has ultimately helped many organizations to go completely digital with credit card applications to government benefit forms or some other medical forms.

Streamlined and Accelerated creative workflow: (A Benefit That It Brings To The Internal Teams) 

Every great experience starts with great design and now the availability of Creative Cloud with Adobe Experience Cloud has provided new heights to whole creative workflows. Marketers can now easily pull in content from Creative Cloud Libraries and edit images in Adobe Campaign to create and deliver personalized emails. Adobe Analytics and the Adobe Social Publishing Panel are also now available in Premiere Pro CC, enabling creative teams to publish video content across social media channels and receive real-time insights. In addition to these, Adobe Experience Manager’s digital asset management system can now automatically synchronize content based on shared metadata across Clouds to ensure that only the latest version of campaign assets is used.

The list of amazing features and benefits in Experience Cloud doesn’t end here, and the features listed here are some important features users typically look for. For detail information, you can call us directly at +1-847-592-2920 or E-mail us at

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