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New Features Of Adobe Target To Personalize Mobile Users Experience

4 New Features of Adobe Target to Personalize Mobile Users Experience

Today, customer experience is the bridge that connects the brand with existing and potential customers. Currently, of all other tools, none can match the personalization features and advanced capabilities that are included in Adobe Target for the Enhanced customer experience. It was first unveiled at the Adobe Summit of 2014 as an integral part of Adobe Marketing Cloud Suite. Later on, it was integrated with the Adobe Analytics Suite to enrich the marketing profile by leveraging its behavioral data. We all know that the contemporary digital period is being ruled by the mobile or smartphones, so digital marketing is revolving around it. Keeping this in mind and to let brands woo their mobile customers, Adobe has made several improvements in its Target tool. Let’s have a look at some major changes that have been incorporated by the Adobe in Target for Mobile Marketing.

1) Latest Visual Experience Composer:

This new feature makes the personalization experiments effortless on mobile apps and thus help you in creating robust Apps. We all know that App acts as the face and is very significant for every brand to reach their customers. To make any changes it needs to update the developer code and submit the changes to the respective App store, which makes it a time-consuming affair. Further, in the lengthy development processes, it may take a longer time period to accomplish and implement all the changes. With the latest new visual experience composer in the Adobe Target, one can easily exchange text and images in the native mobile app and can easily run A/B/n tests for all the changes. This feature helps you optimize the mobile experience and drive increased utility to your customers.

2) Adobe Target’s Batch Experience Prefetch For Mobile Apps:

Today, mobile devices let you connect with any brand from anywhere and at any time. Of all the internet traffics, about 60 percent is through the mobiles and so an always-on personalization for the mobile visitors is a must. Sometimes due to unavoidable situations or bad network connections, the interaction of users with your brand can be interrupted. This can be a lot frustrating on the users’ part and can be a loss of customer on your side as well. So, in lieu to overcome such situations, Adobe Target Batch Experience Prefetch feature can be very handy. It ensures always-on personalization even in the lack of proper internet by increasing the speed and performance of the App. It can be simply done by using Adobe Mobile SDK and letting Adobe Target fetch all the requests of visitors in batch. Then Target caches all this information on the EDGE network or on local, or both. So, whenever a visitor reaches out to your App, the Adobe Target quickly evaluates and delivers the required experiences throughout the App to the user. This ensures that visitors always have a personalized experience from any place and at any time.

3) Optimization of Node.js Websites and Applications:

Currently, almost every development work for websites and mobile apps are being carried out by using Node.js. It’s so because Node.js uses JavaScript, which makes it easier to port the code on both the client and server-side. Also, the overall development cycle can be increased because Node.js is available in the open source environment and one can get many reusable libraries developed by the other developers.

Apart from the above, the Adobe Target’s Node.js SDK let you optimize your website or mobile apps server side as well. Additionally, Adobe Target has built-in unified Visitor ID service, which lets you avail Adobe Analytics native integration features.

4) Mobile Experience Preview:

This a latest and a unique feature of Adobe Target that lets you test the experiences and personalize the content for the mobile users. One can perform the test based on the different global regional preferences and view the regional content variation directly on their device. Mobile Experience Preview also helps a brand to perform QA analysis of app activities without even activating them. Using this mobile experience preview feature, one just needs to create a preview link and send it to the mobile device and then click or paste the same link into any browser to see the impact it will generate. Along with this, one can also share this link with other stakeholders for review and approval purposes and members with that link can preview those before the live launch activity.

The above-discussed points are the latest changes made by Adobe to enhance Adobe Target Mobile Capabilities for advanced Personalization. We must understand that Today one need to deliver more personalized experiences to numerous consumers located globally. Adobe Target empowers marketers to create and deliver personalized experiences and is a game changer for digital personalization and provides much-needed help to marketers for maximizing revenue.

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