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Adobe Target: Basics & Beyond

Adobe Target: Basics and Beyond

Adobe Target is a website optimization tool that enables data-driven marketers to optimize and deliver personalized, content-led experiences to their customers. Known for its A/B testing and multivariate testing, Target can help you decipher the prospects’ journey and build an engaging audience segment to convert MQLs into SQLs, thereby improving the overall conversion rate. It makes it easy for enterprises to modify the webpages for short-term campaigns and testing, allowing you to display certain content dynamically to a specific set of audiences.

Featuring integration capability with Adobe Analytics for reporting purposes and audience creation to deliver different content to different types of visitors, Adobe Experience Manager for delivering dynamic content, Adobe Audience Manager for an integrated audience, and other Adobe Experience Cloud Platform Products, Adobe Target helps enterprises to deliver targeted and personalized content on the web and mobile sites, email and acquisition channels, mobile apps, internet-connected screens, devices, or any other channel that has content and can be tagged.

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What can you do with Adobe Target?

Adobe Target contains activities, locations, experiences, offers, and audience. An activity allows you to test and target content to a specific audience that visit your website. That said, an activity has a start date (when?), a measurable goal (why?), and defines the experiences that each audience should see (what, where, to whom?).

What can you do with adobe target

Following are the different types of activities in Adobe Target which caters to specific goals:

  • A/B Testing: Giving you a whole new experience, A/B Testing allows you to compare two or more variations of content at the same time to determine the best version for your audience.
  • Multivariate Testing: Leverage the benefits of Multivariate Testing to test multiple elements of a website simultaneously to see which combination works best.
  • Auto-Allocate: This activity automatically identifies the winner of multiple experiences and allocates traffic to the best experience.
  • Auto Target: Deliver highly personalized experiences tailored to the audience based on their actions with Auto Target; it helps you create the best experiences for all the customers every time.
  • Experience Targeting: Make the most of Experience Targeting to offer different experiences to the audiences defined by your criteria.
  • Auto-Target: This tool uses advanced machine learning to create automated personalization from combining various high-performing experiences to find the best combination for your prospects.
  • Recommendations: When you want to retain the interest of website visitors for a longer period of time, you’ll want to use this activity because it provides recommendations for the additional content for the audience to view. For example, if a video streaming site wants a person to stay on their site for an extended time, they would recommend videos to watch after titling them “Related Videos.”

Location is referring to a page or any other place where you run the optimization. These locations are the places where you can run different activities and experiences. In Location, you can display and swap content for the different visitors, and/or track visitors’ behavior. Location is powerful in Adobe Target Classic because a location can be any element on a page.

Experiences essentially determine what content should be displayed and where elements should appear. When targeting conditions meet, the most suited experience appears for the audience. Experiences contain messages, image assets, HTML links, offers, and more!

Offers are the content that is displayed on your webpages based on the campaigns. For example, when a visitor visits your site during a clearance sale, he/she gets a deal that says, “Buy 2 Get 1 Free.” This is an offer. Offers can contain links, image assets, buttons, and text. You can also personalize offers based on your audience preferences.

Audiences are the groups of people we are targeting. They are defined by criteria such as the geographical location, age, gender, previous searches, and more. Each audience is in the receiving end of highly personalized experiences.

With all of these activities and tests, you can enhance, personalize, and automate your targeting. To top it off, you can also apply targeting to any type of campaigns from emails to mobile apps and see the results immediately. With automated personalization at the tip of your hands, marketing becomes easier; conversion becomes faster, and you become smarter.

Adobe Target is truly a remarkable display of technological advancements. If you want to target your website visitors with more confidence, then use Adobe Test and Target. Once you get used to it, you’ll never want to go back to simple marketing. This is the key to drive in customers and open doors for new opportunities.

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