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Set up, manage and commercialize the audience journey data using
Adobe Audience Manager. We help you build best audience profiles
to deliver relevant experiences to your customers across all channels.

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Personalization has evolved. Have you? Having an in-depth understanding of your target audience helps you identify the most valuable prospects and deliver the customer-centric content that they can relate to. At NextRow Digital, we, based on the business requirements, create a 360-degree view of the customer’s profile so that you can build the meaningful relationships with your audience and ultimately, boost the ROI of your organization.

Adobe Audience Manager for Target Audience | NextRow Digital
Develop digital audience
Develop digital audience

Develop digital audience by targeting the roadmaps to evolve your organization’s audience targeting capabilities


Analyze, segment, and activate audience-based, cross-channel targeting.


Use predictive analytics, segmentation, and decision engines to create, activate, and optimize audiences.


Implement the best practices that we had learnt and delivered to other customers for audience-based campaign execution.


Adobe Audience Manager Implementation

NextRow Digital is a certified business level partner of Adobe and our services include implementing the Adobe Audience Manager with your system to get better insights of your customer journey.

Our team of Adobe experts, backed by their years of experience and expertise gained from several implementations, follow a strategic roadmap throughout the process to ensure that the implementation is smooth and flawless. With 100% success stories behind our implementations – our success story becomes yours.


Audience Manager Integrations | NextRow Digital


Audience Manager Integrations

Taking into consideration the diverse needs of every business, we help you integrate Adobe Audience Manager with all Adobe products such as Adobe Marketing Cloud, Advertising Cloud, and Analytics Cloud. Our extensive integration programs include Adobe’s DSP, Campaign (Email & CRM), Adobe Analytics, Mobile Services, Campaign, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Primetime and Media Optimizer.

NextRow Digital also assist you with 3rd party data and off-line data batch uploads in Adobe Audience Manager so you can identify the value segments and use them to empower experiences across all channels. Leverage our expertise to put your customers first.


Adobe Audience Manager Consultation | NextRow Digital

Why NextRow Digital?

As a silver solution partner of Adobe for more than a decade, NextRow Digital offers the “best of both worlds” of a digital agency and a system integrator to clients looking to boost their business growth and drive higher ROI through digital transformation. We are a new-age digital agency that uniquely combines the power of technology, analytics, creativity and content for Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud platforms.

Our team of Adobe experts, business practitioners and data scientists work together to strategically create, deploy and optimize marketing content that inspires and strengthens profitable relationships between you and your customers. While we do not believe in the “one-size-fits-for-all” approach, we offer customized MarTech solutions that cater to your business requirements and enable you to reap the benefits of success.