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Boost UGC Production with Experience Manager Livefyre

Boost Your User-Generated Content (UGC) Production With Experience Manager Livefyre

The cutthroat competition of online marketing has made it mandatory for businesses to meet the surging demands of contents by audiences. The delivering of the individualized content to each and every user based on their preferences and personalization is the utmost need of time. Not all companies at this moment are capable enough to deal with this, and the one who is executing this, are deploying content at higher content production costs. In this situation, the only solution is to incorporate user-generated content (UGC) into the marketing mix.

Livefyre is the latest Experience Manager tool added in AEM, which helps you to investigate everything shared on the web and to create a constant flow of high-quality content on your website. It can be used to share the real experiences of real people, increase engagement and to build loyalty and drive business impact. Adobe’s UGC platform comes with the

Experience Manager Livefyre, that can be integrated into the Adobe stack. This integration of the Livefyre can meet the content production demands by injecting authentic and personalized UGC across the entire customer journey.

Let’s understand the working of this Livefyre Integration To The Adobe stack:

1. Direct integration between Livefyre and AEM Assets

The direct integration between Livefyre and AEM Assets provides the creative teams a holistic view of all available content within the Assets interface. The integration with AEM Sites makes it possible to publish contents on various web pages. Also for both online and physical locations, the Livefyre and AEM Screens integration makes it possible for visitors to experience a consistent brand experience.

2. Finding And Curating Content By The Use Of Machine Learning

The machine learning and automation features in Livefyre enables businesses to efficiently manage what’s happening on different web pages. One can take content to market at a much faster rate and drive down costs by the streamlined workflows that speed up the process of getting rights to publish content. Further, Livefyre comes with the Smart Moderation features which automatically flags questionable content at the beginning itself. This enables the moderators to review the contents and with the help of machine learning, the software continuously refines and find explicit and offensive content.

The integration of the Smart Tags, in the Adobe Experience Manager, powered by Adobe Sensei in Livefyre can take content curation to a whole new level. The Smart Tags has made it possible to automatically tag images with attributes, enabling users to easily find whatever they are searching.

3. Personalize UGC Experiences With Adobe Target

The Adobe Target and Livefyre integration enable the delivery of free-flowing relevant user-generated images, videos, and comments, which are personalized for each and every user. This feature has many alluring aspects, like:

a) Personalized Commenting In Communities

By adding Livefyre’s sidenotes and comments to the communities, one can create an interactive community, where readers can ask questions and make comments, making it a very useful and relevant experience to website visitors.

b) Create Real-Time Buzz With Your Contents At Conferences

One can create dynamic press room or blog to highlight the features of product or company announcements in real-time by the use of Storify2 and Livefyre’s live blogging app. Furthermore, AEM Sites integration can quickly and automatically deploy live blogging to multiple web pages. This very feature was used by Intel at the CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show) to demonstrate their products.

c) Personalized Experiences To Drive Revenue

The pairing of UGC with relevant calls to action, so as to guide customers during their purchasing journey, can improve conversion and revenue. Also, with the help of Adobe Target, the UGC experiences for each audience segment can be personalized. One can check this webinar by T-Mobile, in which they used UGC to power their winning switcher campaign.

These are only some examples stating how powerful marketing tool UGC is. And as an online business owner, one must have the right knowledge of marketing tools along with the right implementation methodology. The correct selection can keep you stress-free while executing personalization and automation to meet the user demand. In your marketing voyage, the Adobe stack that comes with Adobe Experience Manager having Livefyre can be a great assistant.

NextRow is a renowned Adobe Solution partner and can help you in integrating Livefyre with other Experience Cloud solutions. Contact us at +1-847-592-2920, to learn more about Experience Manager Livefyre and for more details visit our website.

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