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Take Your Email Marketing to Next Level With the Adobe Campaign

Take Your Email Marketing to Next Level With the Adobe Campaign

Emails are as important as ever – may be even more. However, to succeed in today’s experience-driven world, you just can’t rely on the same old marketing techniques. Now, it has become important for marketers to understand the right context of the message to make it truly relevant to their audience’s preferences.

Offering an excellent experience to customers across all channels is gaining importance in today’s marketing strategies. And a good marketing strategy needs a proper platform that can help you connect with potential customers at the right time. 

Why Adobe Campaign?

Following are the powerful features of Adobe Campaign that help marketers to take their email marketing to the next level:

  • AI-Powered Adobe SesnseiImprove customer engagement with AI-powered emails. Leverage the benefits of Adobe Sensei technology in Adobe Campaign to predict the most effective time to send an email to each recipient to maximize the impact of the campaigns. You can also use the capabilities of this in-built technology to optimize the subject lines and body text that could resonate with your prospects and encourage them to increase the open rates. Adobe Sensei powered Adobe Campaign intelligently filters out contacts who are more likely to opt out.  
  • Content PersonalizationPersonalization has now become the norm in the world of email marketing. The aim is to deliver the personal, engaging, and relevant message that is driven by customer behavior. With Adobe Campaign, you can take personalization to the next level and craft experiences that your audience deserves. Use the native capabilities of this platform to generate meaningful insights based on the available data and put the right message to the right customers at the right time.  
  • Automatization: Another feature that makes Adobe Campaign the best email management platform for large-scale enterprises is automatization. It allows marketers to come up with a simple campaign workflow that automatically triggers emails based on individual user actions. By setting up the workflows with audience segmentation, you can target the prospects with personalized emails that are delivered in real-time – without having to manually interfere. 
  • Responsive TemplatesCreate responsive emails that look great across all the devices no matter what screen size or browser your customers are using. You can customize the ready-made templates in Adobe Campaign to add a personal touch to your emails or build your own template by integrating it directly with Adobe Experience Cloud platform or third-party products.  

A Single Platform for Managing Your Marketing Campaigns 

Don’t just limit yourself to email management with Adobe Campaign. It’s a platform that enables marketers to manage all their marketing campaigns seamlessly. Here’s how: 

Audience Segmentation and Targeting 

Neither do all audiences have the same expectations from your brand nor do they bring the same value. By identifying their area of interest, likes and dislikes on certain attributes/characteristics they share, you can identify their personas and target audience (Adobe Audience Manager) for each segment with campaigns that matter them the most. 

Omni-Channel Marketing 

Your customers are on a journey to discover how well your organization addresses their demandsThis journey takes place through the web, mobile, email, social media, and other offline mediums.    

Harmonizing the power of all these marketing channels to unify your brand voice can be challenging for many organizations. However, with the help of Adobe Campaign, you can execute the relevant campaigns across every channel and measure the performance in the right way. This then helps you re-define your cross-channel campaign strategy to improve the marketing spend across various digital channels and programs.  

Why Choose NextRow Digital as your Adobe Campaign Email Marketing Partner? 

As a leading partner of Adobe for more than a decade,  NextRow Digital helped many Fortune 100, 500 companies supporting Adobe Campaign platform. Our certified Adobe Campaign specialists can help you create and execute dynamic campaigns that converts your audience and enhance your customer experience with targeted messages delivered across channels

We have built strategies for winning campaigns. We help you succeed in nurturing your lead and converting them into customers and help with the right marketing message to keep them as loyal customers. If you would like to discuss more, please reach out to or simply call at +1-888-578-6558

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