With the ever-evolving marketing dynamics, it is very important for marketers and businesses to be up to date with the latest trends and advancements in marketing strategies, technologies, and practices. Adobe Summit 2022 concluded successfully recently. The summit had over 200 informative sessions covering a wide array of topics including the latest trends, practices, developments in marketing and advertising technologies as well as success stories. Well-known personalities from various fields of work were featured as keynote speakers at the event.

Here is a glimpse of the summit, mentioning a few of the spectacular moments-

Fun and Engaging Keynote Session

In the opening keynote session, Shantanu Narayen shared insights on customer engagement and personalization at scale. As changing customer expectations are taking a significant place in business conservation, it becomes imperative to know how businesses should engage with customers, deliver digital experiences and personalization at an unprecedented scale. Businesses need to deliver satisfying experiences to the customers and so it becomes crucial to act immediately. At present, the “Call to action” is all about making the digital economy personal.

The interesting point of view shared by Ryan Reynolds on marketing and advertising explained why and how digital experiences are crucial for the entertainment industry. Parada Group, American Red Cross, and Nike shared their insights and experiences on the latest innovation, creativity, Adobe tools, and experience platforms to transform the digital presence. Nike stated that innovations are blurring the line between the digital and physical world and so we are in the early age of Metaverse.

Adobe also introduced new innovations across experience cloud and partnerships:

  • Mobile-In App experiences, AI-based offer optimization, and audience portal in Adobe Journey Optimizer
  • Walmart marketplace integration and product recommendation powered by Adobe Sensei in Adobe Commerce
  • Dynamic chat in Adobe Marketo Engage
  • AEM assets Workfront + Creative Cloud integration
  • Adobe Workfront marketing financial management with Anaplan
  • Adobe Analytics Dashboard Data Stories
  • Customer Journey Experimental panel
  • Adobe Learning Manager for Training and education

There was much more to experience over the course that would help businesses to deliver personalization at scale and win in the digital economy.

A Quick Peek Into NextRow Digital’s Sessions

Being a proud platinum sponsor of the Adobe Summit 2022, we presented an on-demand breakout session on “Hypercharge your marketing platforms with real-time profiles”. Pradeep Subramanian (Enterprise Architect) and Brandon Parduhn (Strategic Partnership) together elucidated some cool use cases of using real-time profiles in Adobe Experience Platform with industry-specific demonstrations. The prime focus was:

  • The necessity of the “platform approach” for any customer for their marketing stacks.
  • A practical approach to Adobe Experience Platform and using real-time profiles.
  • Exploring how to exploit real-time profiles to deliver personalization at scale.
  • Custom applications by NextRow- SmartProbe and Predictive.

Apart from this, we also presented three Braindate sessions on:

  1. Power of Sequential Segments in Adobe Analytics- Refer to our slide
  2. Top pitfalls to avoid in Web SDK migration- Refer to our slide
  3. Tips & Tricks to clear Adobe Analytics Certifications- Refer to our slide

The Braindate sessions covered deeper technical conversions which were proving to be a testimonial to NextRow’s implementation experience on the ground. Several peers in Adobe consulting space tuned in to listen to our best practices and tips!


-As the Braindate session recordings are not available, you can refer to our slides through the provided link.

-Browse the on-demand session here or download the slides here.

Summit Sneaks- A glimpse into the Future

At Summit sneaks with host Kristen Bell, we had a fun peek into the future of digital experience via research projects and tests in Adobe Labs. In sneaks, we envisioned a world of highly satisfied consumers and powerful marketers. The host took a ride into the future where AI, machine learning, computer vision, and other technologies are ruling the world with these projects:

  • Project KPI Pop
  • Project Winning Scores
  • Project Design Decoder
  • Project Demand Detector
  • Project Right Sized
  • Project Quick connects
  • Project Style blast

As Kristen said “None of these concepts are committed to releasing but some of 60% will make into products in one form or another”, but it is worth waiting.

Other Interactive Sessions and Training Workshops

The Adobe Summit 2022 is over, but the topics discussed and the ideas generated will shape the digital economy for years to come. If you missed any important topics, you can still watch on-demand videos. All these are accessible for those who registered for the summit. Don’t miss this great opportunity to boost your technical skills with training workshop videos and breakout sessions from certified instructors.

For instance, you can learn everything about Adobe Journey Optimizer with Kevin Potter, Sr. Business Consultant, Adobe Professional Services. The session threw light on how to drive brand engagement using Adobe Journey Optimizer to-

  • Orchestrate effective digital campaigns
  • Design personalized marketing messages
  • Build customer segments
  • Publish and monitor customers through their engagement journeys.

Learn “Why custom experience is paramount to business value” with Haresh Kumar, Director of Strategy and Product Marketing, AEM, at Anthem. Personalization is not a new concept to talk about in business but the current concern is to achieve personalization at scale. The session shed light on how you can better manage the asset lifecycle by bringing AEM assets, Adobe Workfront, and Adobe creative cloud tightly together.

This year, the summit had a lot to offer and learn. So how was your experience, do let us know at marketing@nextrow.com.

Key Highlights of Adobe Summit 2022  

  • Availability of session recordings afterward, Free ticket, Global experience with accessibility to all sessions worldwide
  • Braindates sessions were also a great experience where one could dive deep with like-minded individuals.
  • Sessions and videos were well categorized according to session type, region, track, products, industry focus, technical level, audience type, business type, and presentation style. So, you could easily find sessions of your interest.
  • Live chat in every session with attendees and the speakers.

If this event ignited your curiosity about the future of the digital economy and strategy, book a one-to-one session with the experts to dig more into AEP, RT-CDP, and other Adobe tools platform solutions specific to your business.

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