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Insights From Adobe Summit 2023: Driving Experience-Led Growth

Insights from Adobe Summit 2023: Driving Experience-Led Growth

If you couldn’t make it to the Adobe Summit this year – or even if you did but couldn’t cover all the action – here are the NextRow Digital Adobe Summit team’s highlights from the event!

We just got back from the eventful Adobe Summit 2023 and can’t wait to put all that gained knowledge to work with. For the first time since 2019, Adobe Summit returned to Las Vegas in a hybrid in-person and virtual format – and what a standout event it was! Marketing representatives from major enterprises all over the world converged in Las Vegas to learn, be inspired, network with industry peers and have a full Adobe experience. NextRow Digital had the privilege of being a gold sponsor at the Digital Conference of the year 

With various insightful sessions and a line-up of luminary speakers, we were able to garner some useful insights that will help us accelerate creative development, streamline engagement channels and elevate digital experiences for our clients.  

Let us do a quick recap of our Adobe Summit experiences and throw some light on the key takeaways from the event. 

A Brief Summary of the Sponsored Session by NextRow

Healthcare Experiences with Approaches to First-Party Data  

As a gold sponsor at the summit, we had the privilege to host an informative session on the new approaches in marketing, like first-party data, identities, and direct-to-consumer strategies in the healthcare industry. The speakers Joe George, Director Marketing Technology, Abbvie, Angela Tang, Sr Manager, Digital Analytics and Personalization Technologies, Abbvie, and Pradeep Subramanian, Architect, NextRow Inc, delved into the digital transformation (with focus on first party data) of Abbvie, an undisputed leader in the healthcare industry. They also assessed various first party data implementation strategies and the best practices and opportunities leveraging Martech stack.  

The session also showcased some futuristic use cases and brought forth the possibilities these advanced marketing approaches can unlock and how they can help in crafting exceptional experiences for patients and healthcare professionals.  

In case you missed the session, or if you want to revisit it, here’s the link to the recording. 

healthcare experiences with approaches to first party data

NextRow’s New Solutions – IntegratedPDF and RADAR

Elevate your personalization efforts with IntegratedPDF solution

NextRow’s IntegratedPDF demystifies a major pain point for marketers that was not been addressed before – PDF documents on websites. The customer interactions and engagements on a PDF document remained a mystery and in effect, hampered the efficacy of the content within it. Marketers were unable to view the data of interaction and act upon it. 

However, with NextRow’s IntegratedPDF solution, marketers can now capture analytics for interactions inside the PDF in real-time, such as the pages scrolled, keyword searched, or any annotations. The PDF will open along or within the website with powerful rendering capabilities including highlighting, comments, annotation, etc.  

Learn more about the capabilities of NextRow’s IntegratedPDF, understand how it works, and explore the potential benefits it offers to marketers for lead scoring and personalization with marketing documents. 

Monitor the health of your digital properties with AI-powered RADAR

NextRow’s project RADAR is a one-stop solution that keeps track of digital properties’ health by acting as a digital command center. RADAR will reduce the data quality loss and improve data quality across digital properties and empower marketers to make data-driven decisions. RADAR is built on powerful microservices and integrations with products like ObservePoint to provide 360-degree data and the health scores for digital properties. RADAR is powered by AI models and can be integrated with popular MarTech stacks.

To find out how RADAR can maximize your MarTech performance by keeping track of your digital properties, get in touch with our RADAR experts!

NextRow Digital at Adobe Summit 2023: An Inspiring Experience

The NextRow team had an action-packed time in Las Vegas at the Adobe Summit – with innovative discussions and conversations, and a very exciting session on Healthcare Experiences with Approaches to First-Party Data. For us, what happens in Vegas should not stay in Vegas and that is why, here is a snippet of our experience at the summit.  

  • Meeting and interacting with our customers, other industry experts, and marketing enthusiasts in our booth. Interesting conversations were initiated, and great insights were shared – thank you to every one of them. 
  • Connecting with partners and learning about their technologies and solutions; and finding out exciting new ways to collaborate and work together. 
  • Hosting an insightful session on advanced marketing techniques for professionals from the healthcare industry. 
  • Introducing our new tools and solutions built on Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Experience Platforms, that are aimed at streamlining and elevating digital marketing efforts.  
  • Adding an extra dose of excitement to our summit experience with a rewarding lucky dip for our visitors and registered attendees. 
  • Learning from a long list of amazing speakers at the event – Adobe Chairman and CEO Shantanu Narayen, AMD Chair and CEO Dr. Lisa Su, Eli Lilly Chair and CEO Dave Ricks, T-Mobile EVP and CDO Marcus East, Prudential Financial CMO Susan Somersille Johnson, screenwriter and director Aaron Sorkin, comedian and actress Tig Notaro, and NFL stars Peyton Manning and Damar Hamlin. 

Major Announcements & Key Takeaways from the Summit

  • At the Summit, Adobe debuted new Adobe Sensei GenAI services, including Firefly, a new family of creative generative AI models, first focused on the generation of images and text effects. “Generative AI is the next evolution of AI-driven creativity and productivity, transforming the conversation between creator and computer into something more natural, intuitive and powerful,” said David Wadhwani, president, digital media business, Adobe.
  • Generative AI capabilities into Adobe’s clouds will provide businesses with unprecedented speed and productivity to power end-to-end marketing workflows. In Adobe Experience Cloud, customers will be able to move seamlessly between Sensei GenAI services and existing features, right within their workflows.
  • The company also announced New Adobe Product Analytics and a reimagined content management solution enabling marketers to self-serve website and mobile app edits.
  • To accelerate and democratize creative development at enterprise scale, Adobe unveiled Adobe Express for Enterprise, empowering organizations to rapidly create and iterate content, regardless of their creative skill level.
  • Adobe also announced the world’s first comprehensive Content Supply Chain solution, made possible through Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud innovations that connect popular tools for planning, creating, reviewing and distributing creative collateral so teams can come together to meet growing content demands in less time.
  • Adobe’s Next-Gen Composability (previously known as AEM franklin, or Project Franklin) was announced as an advanced feature available in AEM with cloud-native technology. Designed to accelerate content velocity, deliver high-impact experiences at a high performance, and greatly reduce time-to-market, Next-Gen Composability streamlines the process of publishing content to the web, removing burdensome CMS interfaces.

Wrapping Up

Adobe Summit 2023 went by in a flash and as always, Adobe brought amazing innovations to the forefront. As businesses across the world realize the potential of content in driving next-generation digital experiences, the new Adobe innovations are rightly aimed at optimizing content creation, delivery, and measurement. If you were at the summit, we hope that you had an amazing time and gathered some meaningful insights. However, if you were unable to attend in person, fret not. Adobe has made most sessions available on demand  

For the NextRow team, the innovations we witnessed and the new learnings we gathered from the summit have paved a way to enhance the digital marketing services we cater to our clients and elevate their customer experiences. We will continue to learn and hone our offerings, continuing our commitment to offer state-of-the-art solutions to our customers. If you wish to know more about our latest offerings or just want an expert consultation regarding your digital transformation, reach out to us 

Looking forward to connecting with you all again at the summit next year! 

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