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IntegratedPDF Solution – Hyper Personalize Your Customer Experience

IntegratedPDF Solution –
Hyper Personalize Your Customer Experience

In recent years, the business ecosystem has gone through an unprecedented change due to various reasons. The ongoing pandemic and technical disruptions, such as –the sunset of third-party data, and the introduction of new technologies are just to name a few. These disruptions have put digital at the center of everything, changed online and offline customer behavior, disruptions and posed new challenges to marketing approaches.

Marketers need modern strategies and technologies to go along with these changes in the marketing ecosystem. They need to focus on an omnichannel presence to engage a greater number of customers and learn more about their behavior and preferences. Additionally, they need to embrace futuristic technologies in their marketing approaches, such as AI/ML and automation, to improve marketing efficiency and results. Last, but not least, marketers should always focus on customers without leaving any stone unturned and should find new opportunities to serve their customers.

In this blog, we will see a modern approach to harness the potential of PDF documents to extract deep knowledge about customers, improve personalization and customer experiences, and capture high-quality leads. We will explore the various aspects of Integrated PDF solution powered by Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) introduced by NextRow Digital.
Know more about Adobe Experience Platform and its implementation process here.

How Does IntegratedPDF Work?

Let’s say you are a technology company and when end users land on your website or product page they want to see a PDF brochure to explore more. Then the PDF brochure will open in Chrome’s or Firefox’s native PDF reader tool. It is not possible to track the user’s engagement in PDF like time spent, keywords searched, etc. Also, if a user wants to share this PDF with their team or use it in a meeting, a prompt for download is given and the user is lost. There is no reason for brands to send the customer offline when they are already there on their website or app.

Again, if the same user comes back to the website after interacting with PDF, the customer lands on the same homepage and the brand has no idea about that customer’s interest. Even though the user already interacted with the PDF, they have to restart the journey from scratch.

How IntegratedPDF Solution Can Change the Complete Scenario

If your website is integrated with the PDF solution powered by AEP, here are the added advantages: 

  • PDF will open along or within your website rather than opening through any PDF reader tool or browser plugin/extension or downloading. This is powered by Adobe Document Clouds embedded API with powerful PDF rendering capabilities such as highlighting, annotation, comments, and more. 
  • Whenever a customer interacts with the PDF you can record analytics in real-time. With an experience management platform like Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), you can send this data in real-time for segmentation and profiling. You derive insights from each and every action taken by the user – such as the pages he visited, time spent across the PDF, any annotation action, any queries made by him and more.

What Is Nextrow’s IntegratedPDF Solution?

This solution is designed to solve all the key challenges of marketers for lead scoring and personalization with the documents used for marketing purposes. It provides scalable pdf analytics having a base for customer analytics.

NextRow’s Integrated PDF solution is a futuristic integration between Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud.

Behind the Scenes (How Are All These Possible?)

This integrated PDF solution is powered by Adobe Document Cloud SDKs and Adobe Experience Platform. In Document Cloud SDKs, PDF embedded API (a native API by Adobe) is used, which offers consistent rendering experiences and flexible UI to host the PDF in a way that embedded PDF’s look like part of the website. Moreover, you can switch to the full screen mode for annotation and collaboration. Users can easily tag anyone who is an authorized member. You can also integrate it with other platforms such as Adobe Sign and Microsoft technology to amplify the capabilities. Our solution uses AEP and RT-CDP for real-time profile, last millisecond personalization and uses Marketo as an email trigger. Nevertheless, the same solution can be extended for non-Adobe MarTech stacks like Salesforce as well. This works even if you are only using point solutions like Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.

Benefits of IntegratedPDF Solution

1. Precise analytics data for high-value leads

This data can help you upgrade your existing lead scoring models with high precision. All this can be possible with the cutting-edge native Adobe Technology not by third-party technology.

2. You can trigger a web-based journey based on actions taken by users in the PDF

If the same customer comes back to the website after a few days, weeks, or months, they don’t have to restart the journey from the beginning. In fact, you can ask the customer whether they want to start from where they left off.

3. Build unified customer profiles

Information provided by the customers (forms filled in by them) will go to AEP’s RT-CDP in real time and merged into a real-time customer profile. Simultaneously, the customer can also get the annotated PDF (or personalized PDF) to the provided mail-ID (using any campaign email system). These ID’s will be merged with the personal identity in real-time.

4. You can deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences

You will be able to know the interest of a particular visitor. You can customize your homepage banners and emails based on the visitor’s interest.

Do You Really Need Adobe CDP and Marketo for PDF Integration?

As discussed above, the captured data can be used in the RT-CDP in real-time and you can trigger an emailer campaign with Marketo. It doesn’t imply that you cannot reap the benefits of the IntegratedPDF solution without Adobe RT-CDP and Marketo. You don’t need RT-CDP and Marketo, however, these would be added advantages for you. Take a look at Adobe RT-CDP, its features and benefits.

To know in detail and what are the available options for this system, talk to an expert 

What You Can Expect in the Future?

This integrated PDF solution is just the foundational approach, our next stop will be AI scoring, PDF personalization, Smart journey, and Smart CTAs to deliver a high level of contextualized experience to the customers using Adobe Cloud Documents and Adobe Experience Platform. 

If you want to know how PDF analytics data is coming in and sitting into AEP to power these experiences, watch this on-demand video here.

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