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The Abc’s Of Adobe Experience Platform WebSDK

The Abc’s of Adobe Experience Platform WebSDK

Adobe is consistently working on making Adobe technologies more efficient, dynamic, and simple. WebSDK is a new introduction to this line that enables a unified data collection library for Adobe Experience Cloud customers.

You need to use different JavaScript libraries for each individual solution and none of these libraries work with each other, leading to deployment friction. Although tags in the platform manage libraries, they have several issues such as library size, lower performance, multiple calls, fractured data collection, confusion of schemas between solutions, and others. Plus, there isn’t a JavaScript library that sends data directly to the Adobe Experience Platform. Due to this, many AEP implementations are using Adobe Analytics connector or Audience Manager connector, which is not real-time.

WebSDK can solve these issues and improve efficiency. There is a lot of buzz around WebSDK, let’s see the fundamentals of this new library and how it could bring a fortune to your business.

Adobe Experience Platform WebSDK

What is WebSDK?

WebSDK is the new client-side data collection extension for all Adobe Experience Cloud applications, including Adobe Experience Platform. This is the foundation that helps you migrate to a cookie-less 1st party data collection. It is “Tags” (formerly Adobe Launch, TMS) extension used to configure the actual javascript library alloy.js.

Libraries we were using in past have been combined: –

  • Visitor API (ECID, UUID, 3rd party ID syncs, known-id syncs)
  • appMeasurement(Plugins, Custom Analytics, eVar persistence)
  • AT JS (A4T, Recommendations data collections)
  • DIL JS (AAM standalone implementation and data collection)
``WebSDK interchangeably used for alloy.js focuses on how we are collecting behavioral data from websites, kiosks, or web apps. It is powered by Edge Network.``

Why Websdk Is Critical for You?

Unlike the earlier versions of the libraries, this one encompasses all the solutions from Adobe Analytics to RT-CDP. So, this requires a multi-solution approach for planning and implementation. Failing to do so will require expensive iterations and a negative business impact on the cross-channel marketing use cases.

Values Brought by WebSDK

1. High Performance

WebSDK improves efficiency by providing faster page loads as it is smaller than all of the current Adobe libraries.

2. It’s Simple

The union of Web SDK, XDM, tags, AEC solutions, Experience Edge and AEP makes data collection and implementation of Adobe technologies simpler and easier. How?

AEP Web SDK enables simplicity in sending and receiving data to AEP Edge Network. XDM removes tagging for eVars and mboxes. Tags (Adobe Launch) simplify Web SDK deployment and configuration. Experience Edge routes the data to AEP and other solutions.

3. Data Is in Your Control

As a stream of data is connected and unified, you can easily control its journey along the applications.

4. Futuristic Solution

WebSDK and Experience Edge Network together bring modernization to the data collection, and personalization efforts, and enable first-party domain.

A High-Level Architecture

AEP Edge Network is the center of WebSDK architecture. Data will be sent to the Edge Network from all of the devices such as Mobile, Desktop, Kiosk, etc. From the central place, data will be sent to the various solutions whether it is AEP, Analytics, or target. This “central place” is a server-side configuration managed through a feature in “Tags” (a.k.a Adobe Launch) called “Data Streams”, helping you to control the flow of data to different solutions.

Customer Implementation by Nextrow Digital

Recently, we helped a Top Pharma Giant in the US on a large scale WebSDK migration. The client wanted to re-invent their consumer focus and provide unparalleled experiences to their patients and prospects by supercharging their MarTech stacks across their 100+ sites. NextRow’s WebSDK migration solution built a solid and scalable foundation for the client to exploit first-party customer data and seamlessly send data to solutions like AEP, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and AAM. The solution improved performance leading to higher website signups and improved customer data capture.

Get Ready to Start Your Journey With WebSDK

Get help to begin your journey with the WebSDK, you can always count on subject matter experts at NextRow Digital. To date, we have migrated 100+ digital properties in our client’s ecosystem and this is set to raise next year. Contact us at to leverage our expertise in AEP WebSDK and improve your business efficiency.

Check out this on-demand video to learn more about WebSDK here.

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