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Building Blocks and Use Cases for CJA (Customer Journey Analytics)

Building Blocks and Use Cases for CJA (Customer Journey Analytics)

A crucial step in realizing the full potential of your analytics projects as the digital landscape changes is the switch from Adobe Analytics (AA) to Customer Journey Analytics (CJA). Enter a world where the Adobe Experience Platform creates the foundation for a revolutionary analysis workspace experience.

Learn the essential foundational elements CJA needs to revolutionize your perception of multi-channel analytics. CJA transforms how you decode customer journeys, from user-friendly data definitions to sophisticated data manipulation.

Join us on an exciting journey through data-driven insights with our blog, “Building Blocks and Use Cases for CJA (Customer Journey Analytics).”

Overview of CJA

CJA distinguishes itself from Adobe Analytics by combining the strength of Analysis Workspace and a new dataset with the Adobe Experience Platform as its foundation. Years’ worth of data can be broken down, filtered, queried, and visualized using this cutting-edge analytics capability, and the Experience Data Model’s (XDM) flexibility ensures uniform representation and organization.

Traditional analytics are broadened by CJA, which provides cross-channel capabilities across web, mobile, call centres, and CRM. Get ready to start a transformational journey as CJA unearths the mysteries buried in your data.

Overview of CJA: Migration Importance

Building Blocks and Use Cases

  • Combining data from call centers, POS systems, and online properties, you can view and analyze customer data in the context of their customer journey.
  • Democratize data access and allow more employees to use data to drive decisions based on thorough analysis.
  • Give data scientists and analysts the tools to conduct sophisticated analyses and uncover deep insights.
  • Investigate data from the Adobe Experience Platform by using on-demand reporting to visualize and interact with datasets.
  • We broaden the scope beyond web data by utilizing unique schemas and gaining control over data manipulation.
  • To create comprehensive data views that completely understand the customer journey, combine datasets, and define connections.
Building Blocks and Use Cases


  • Customer Journey Analytics add-on and an active Adobe Analytics Select, Prime, or Ultimate subscription are needed.
  • Customer Journey Analytics must be provisioned for Adobe Experience Platform in order to be seamlessly integrated.
  • Without Adobe Analytics, Customer Journey Analytics is also available as a standalone product.
  • Consult your Adobe Account Team to confirm the Customer Journey Analytics add-on’s availability and contract type.

Terminology Updates

  • In Customer Journey Analytics, segments are now referred to as ‘Filters.’
  • To comply with industry standards, virtual report suites are referred to as “Data views.”
  • For better communication, classifications have been renamed as “Lookup datasets.”
  • In Customer Journey Analytics, customer attributes are now referred to as ‘Profile Datasets.’
  • In the context of Customer Journey Analytics, hit containers are referred to as ‘Event’ containers.
  • ‘Session’ containers have taken the place of visit containers.
  • To improve clarity and consistency, visitor containers are now referred to as ‘Person’ containers.
Why Choose NextRow Digital for AA to CJA Migration Journey?

Why Choose NextRow Digital for AA to CJA Migration Journey?

For a smooth and successful transition from Adobe Analytics (AA) to Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), NextRow Digital is your ideal partner. Here’s how we differ:

Extensive Experience: Our team has years of experience as an Adobe Gold Partner and is well-versed in the intricacies of migration, resulting in a seamless transition.

Proven Success: We guarantee a smooth migration process and foster business expansion with our tried-and-true methodologies and strategies.

Comprehensive Support: From assessment and roadmap development to implementation and beyond, NextRow Digital provides end-to-end support.

Industry Best Practices: Our migration strategy adheres to validated best practices, guaranteeing accuracy, dependability, and industry compliance.

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