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What Is Salesforce Adobe Campaign Connector

What is Salesforce-Adobe Campaign Connector?

Adobe Campaign is a marketing automation tool that helps your business to simplify and manage all the marketing campaigns. Using Automation rules in Adobe campaign, you can implement various email marketing strategies for your leads to increase the conversion rate of your campaigns.

Salesforce CRM is a marketing technology that helps you build more meaningful and lasting relationships with your customers. The goal of this solution is to improve business relationships with potential leads and close deals faster.

A good CRM software gathers information from end points across your business to provide you insight into how your customers feel about your product or services and what they are saying about your organization — this helps you improve your offerings, catch issues early, and identify any gaps in business process or technology.

What is Salesforce CRM Connector for Adobe Campaign?

Adobe Campaign provides a CRM connector for linking your Adobe Campaign platform to your CRM environment. This CRM connector enables you to synchronize contacts, accounts, purchases, etc. for better integration with Salesforce CRM. Adobe Campaign provides a dedicated wizard for collecting and selecting data from the tables available in the CRM. This provides bidirectional synchronization to make sure that the data is up to date at all times.

What can you do with Adobe Campaign and Salesforce CRM?

  • Create new Salesforce leads with Adobe Campaign
  • Create new Salesforce contacts with Adobe Campaign
  • Create new Salesforce cases with Adobe Campaign
  • Create new Salesforce opportunities with Adobe Campaign
  • Create new Salesforce accounts with Adobe Campaign
  • Secure Integration with Salesforce and Adobe Campaign Standard with encrypted Customer data
  • Full Sync or Partial and Bi-Directional sync of data between Adobe Campaign and Salesforce
  • Custom Mapping of Salesforce to Adobe Campaign Standard Fields


Adobe Campaign and Salesforce CRM address key challenges for businesses looking to build relationships with their customer base and drive profit. Adobe Campaign provides a CRM connector that allows you to connect, automate, and sync leads and contacts with Salesforce CRM.

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