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Top 5 Digital Asset Management Vendors for Your DAM Needs

Five Best Digital Asset Management Vendors for Your DAM Needs

In the digitally fast-paced world, the need for managing digital assets like – images, videos, PDF, word documents, spreadsheet, in an efficient and secure way is mandatory for any organization. Especially for the large enterprises, as they often have terabytes of assets to handle. Enterprises have specific needs for robust digital asset management processes and tools that offer advanced feature sets for storing assets, securing intellectual property, enabling discovery through the keyword search, and more. For this very reason, from past few years, a central repository system like DAM (Digital Asset Management) has gained a lot of popularity. It’s a very handy tool to keep in sync all data with marketing, IT and creative teams, within the organization and letting them access all these very efficiently.

Basically, Digital asset management tool has taken the place of physical storage spaces and even traditional internal servers by offering a more organized and retrievable solution by streamlining the process of storing, archiving, searching, retrieving and circulating files. The selection of right Digital Asset Management Software depends on products features, functionality, integration capabilities, product architecture, future roadmap, implementation costs, vendors availability to support and more.

Many customers reach us asking us to do vendor-neutral assessment of DAM platforms. After helping many clients with these analysis, I have put together a few contenders (note this is not a complete list, many are omitted here for ease of reading. The DAM vendors we evaluate vary based on the client needs. I have mentioned a few common names only).

1. Cumulus DAM By Canto:

Cumulus is a flagship enterprise DAM technology by Canto that allows clients to efficiently secure, repurpose and distribute brand assets. The latest version of it is Cumulus 11 that comes with image recognition powered by two artificial intelligence providers – EyeEm Vision and Clarifai. Cumulus uses sophisticated metadata information of digital assets to store, search, sort, track changes and also enables you to publish your brand assets on multiple platforms and channels. It has been powered by Amazon Web Services to deliver images efficiently across the globe and also eliminates duplicate and variant media files across enterprise systems.

2. WebDAM:

WebDAM is a cloud-based tool and is among leading Digital Asset Management Vendor that delivers top DAM solutions for all types of business. Its DAM tool has capabilities to automate and streamline common tasks, clearing the way for creative and marketing teams to work faster and deliver more impact. WebDAM is capable of uniting various teams on a common, cloud-based platform and keeps them in sync throughout the creative asset lifecycle. Also, it provides one-click access to publish assets across marketing channels to keep you connected with your customers.

3. A DAM Software:

A DAM Software, also known as Aprimo Digital Asset Management, is an enterprise DAM solution which delivers engaging customer experiences across different stages of content lifecycles. ADAM also has a combination of marketing operations technology and digital asset management software, giving marketers the advantage to govern and grow their brand. It’ an innovative suite available in both cloud or on-premise, for enterprises of all sizes. In 2017, ADAM released an integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, which is critical for many creative and marketing teams.

4. OpenText MediaBin:

OpenText MediaBin is a digital asset management solution available with both on-premise and the cloud. It delivers a superior customer experience by effectively managing, reusing, distributing, and publishing thousands of customer-facing digital assets. It has support for all business users including enterprises and provides tailored role and permission-based, self-service access. With permission-based workflows, it empowers your team to clearly and effectively communicate your brand to your customers. It Understands and analyzes abundant media assets by automatically tagging, categorizing, and cross-referencing them.

5. Adobe Experience Manager DAM:

The AEM DAM tool is designed to fit into a team’s existing processes and workflows while acting as a centralized repository for an enterprise’s digital assets. Adobe’s most unique feature among other enterprise DAMs is its native integration capability with the Creative Cloud tools. This integration brings the added value to the teams, as they can stay involved with their respective work and don’t always have to break workflow to find the right assets they need. Other noting features included in the AEM DAM are search and metadata management, dynamic media support, and the ability to provide personalized media experiences to global audiences of clients.

The list doesn’t end here, and the features listed here are only a few important features clients typically look for. NextRow, a leading DAM implementation partner for many Fortune 500 clients, helps with vendor-neutral analysis for the clients to select the best DAM based on their needs, not based on industry bests. For a detailed analysis of your DAM needs, please call us today @ +1-847-592-2920 or E-mail us at

Disclaimer: The above comparison is not a complete list, and is my personal view only. Any omittance of features is not intentional and tried my best to give as much information as possible. Feel free to reach me directly at for any suggestions/corrections. I will be glad to incorporate.

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