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5 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your AEM Managed Services

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your AEM Managed Services

You made the right choice by choosing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as your Web Content Management System. As a true enterprise-grade CMS platform built on open architecture, AEM supports your websites (public-facing or internal), and centralize Assets in one place with Digital Asset Management (DAM). AEM also supports headless CMS to grant more power to the UI team.

When you sign the deal with Adobe, you typically end up with these application hosting scenarios:

  1. Adobe Managed Services: Adobe hosts the application for you. They provide SLA from 99.5% to 99.9% depending on the type of contract you have.
  2. Internally Hosted: Typically, AWS/Azure/GCP. You have your DevOps team in place to manage the AEM application as part of the big infra team.
  3. Hosted by third parties: You might have hired a third-party company to host your AEM application.

Fast forward a few months, you dig deep into the application development migrating your websites to AEM, you go live on your websites built on AEM. All high fives to your team for the great work done, it’s not an easy task, your developers can vouch for this. The new enhancements, new projects come. Your development team(s) gets busy with enhancements, building new sites to support marketing/business, and working on the next great thing.

Now the fun part comes. Your site is live and kicking. This is the digital face of your organization. As Marketing and Sales teams rely on digital channels heavily for lead conversions, they need a stable website, that’s loading in a fraction of second. How do you ensure your marketing SLAs are met and you are supporting marketing/sales teams?

Whether you are hosted with Adobe Managed Services (AMS) or internally hosted or with a third party, they take the responsibility of the uptime of your AEM application, but the application fine-tuning, performance upkeep, and application fixes fall on your team or to some other team. It is extremely important that you are supported by a team that is experienced in AEM applications and has certifications on the “AEM Admin” skill set to properly manage your AEM applications and to look after the upkeep of your AEM applications.

In this era of digitization with a fast-changing MarTech landscape, many organizations lag behind in specialized skillsets like AEM administration, AEM application integrations, and AEM application maintenance.

For several companies, their digital presence is everything for them and they would do anything to ensure that their AEM environment is optimally running 24/7/365. Hiring an internal team of technical staff for AEM Managed Services can be quite expansive and extremely difficult when you have to dedicate them to your AEM environment.

NextRow Digital’s state-of-the-art NMS++ for AEM (NextRow Managed Services for Adobe Experience Manager) offering will support clients with the upkeep of AEM applications, finetune, and proactive monitoring among other things. As a trusted AEM Managed Services partner for many companies, we understand every client’s needs are different, so we offer flexible contract models to support your current and future needs.

Some of the Key Services Included in NMS++ for AEM:

Optimize AEM Applications

Optimization comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from page performance optimization to query builder cache clearing to many nitty-gritty tasks. A recent study showed the sites load in 2 seconds have 15% more conversions. With our deep expertise in Adobe Experience Manager platform and specialization we hold in AEM Managed Services, we help you optimize your AEM applications for optimal performance, helping you convert more leads and realize more sales.

Proactive Application Maintenance

It is extremely important that you maintain your AEM application up to date with available patches, service packs, and available upgrade options. Whether you are hosted on AMS (Adobe Managed Services), or internally, we help you keep your AEM instance up to date with our proactive application maintenance program.

Proactive Application Monitoring

If you are an IT leader, you must be thinking that setting up Nagios or NewRelic or some other tools will do the trick. Well, these are reactive measures that might alert you when something goes bad. We raise a step above to offer proactive application monitoring, so you catch the problems before your customers face them.

Bug Fixes

Bugs/issues and minor enhancements are common in any application development. While your team is busy focusing on more important tasks, you can rely on NextRow Digital expertise to work on these side tasks, freeing up your core team while being in safe hands at NextRow.

Compliance and Auditing

Your company’s infrastructure is continuously changing. New technologies are being rolled out. Others are phased out. People come and go. Complexity exponentially increases. At such times, addressing the Adobe Experience Manager security threats at the forefront becomes mandatory for most of the organizations, be it small or large.

NextRow Digital provides recurring AEM system administration and compliance services you need to perform the regular system checks, audit the infrastructure, and identify vulnerabilities to eliminate the gaps. We help you maintain adherence to a stringent set of industry compliance standards and implement the best security practices to keep your enterprise stay in control.

The Bottom Line

Pinterest derived 15% more signups by optimizing their website. An optimized, well-maintained site(s) means more business, more conversions. Outsourcing AEM Managed Services to NextRow Digital will also free up your core dev team to focus on building the next great thing, while we take care of your site upkeep. As a leading Adobe Business Solution Partner, NextRow Digital can help you scale up the performance of your AEM application with confidence. With our global support centers, we offer 24*7 support services as well.

If you’d like to know more about our NMS++ for AEM Managed Services, you can reach our sales team at +1-847-592-2920 or email us to The AEM experts at NextRow Digital would be happy to answer all your queries.

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