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Adobe Analytics Training

Our Adobe Analytics training program is designed for marketers and analysts looking to understand the profound benefits of using the Adobe Analytics tool. We give more emphasis on marketing analytics and reporting tools in real-time through real-world examples.

Adobe Analytics Training | NextRow Digital

What You Will Learn?

Through this comprehensive Adobe Analytics training course, you will learn various ways to collect and analyze data, how to generate reports in Adobe Analytics to fetch answers related to your business needs. We have blended our industry experience and best practices with the right amount of content for a variety of roles within your organization.

adobe analytics online training

Basic Analyst Training

Develop capabilities to find and solve critical problems of your business such as “why it is happening” and “what to do”. This Basic Analyst training course will help you curate actionable recommendations to improve your existing strategies and tactics. Drive useful information and insights to understand business problems. Make data-driven decisions to achieve higher ROI.


Adobe Analytics 2-Day Power Pack Training

Level up your reporting and analytics skills with our Adobe Analytics 2-day Power Pack Training program. This training will provide you with step-by-step instructions from foundation to advanced data analysis. You will be introduced to a refined, powerful skillset to align marketing initiatives with your key business objectives.


Reporting Analyst Training

Hone your skills in metrics analysis and report design. Get acquainted with the practices to develop intelligent reporting and create smart reports using modern BI-focused reporting tools. This Reporting Analyst training will empower you to compete with an analytical and data-driven business economy.


Adobe Analytics 1-Day Crash Course

Deepen your understanding of Adobe Analytics and maximize your analytics investment with Adobe Analytics One Day Crash Course. This power-pack training program will help you master the art of Analytics. Get acquainted with the reporting and analysis techniques based on business metrics that matters.


Basic Customer Experience Training

Power up your audience analysis and create remarkable customer experiences using the Adobe Analytics tool. The basic customer experience training will drive intelligence into your marketing practices and maximize your analytics investment.


Basic Technical Training

Develop technical expertise on Adobe Analytics Tool with Basic Technical Training. This training will help you gain proficiency in deployment and usage to harness the best out of Adobe Analytics. Discover unknown opportunities for your business using the BI-focused powerful analytics tool.


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