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Data Warehouse as a Service

Leverage Snowflake’s Data Warehouse as a service to deliver enhanced business intelligence, save resources, increase the data quality, generate high ROI, and above all improve the entire decision-making process.

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Unify Data Across Clouds to Accelerate and Scale Analytics

Designed with a patented new architecture, the Snowflake data cloud includes a pure cloud, SQL data warehouse from the ground up. It combines high performance, high concurrency, simplicity, and affordability at levels not possible with other data warehouses to handle all aspects of data and analytics.

NextRow Digital’s Snowflake services combine the best of data management expertise with our cross-functional teams to deliver actionable, data-driven insights. As Snowflake technology partners, we help businesses of all sizes preserve, protect, integrate and explore data that is high-quality, structurally sound, and accessible. Our large pool of Snowflake-certified developers and proven Snowflake ecosystem expertise enable you to accelerate your analytics, increase scalability, and enhance security access to governed data.

Secure Access to Data

Get access to governed and quickly queried sources for data, including JSON and XML, with almost unlimited, low-cost storage. Also, our fully managed data warehousing consultants offer constant monitoring and support so you can rest assured that your critical information is secure and safe.

Improved Reporting & Analytics

Snowflake data warehouse helps the reporting team get the insights they want quickly, enabling them to effectively analyze data and provide useful information. With strong integrations with advanced analytics and BI tools, the data warehouse can meet the needs of different skill sets – from analysts to data scientists.

Growth-Driven Implementation

The unified view of data enables your teams to make strategic decisions based on facts rather than personal opinions and helps in identifying new growth opportunities. Also, since Snowflake is designed specifically for a seamless, cross-cloud experience, it automates data warehouse administration and maintenance.

Enhanced Scalability

You can easily scale Snowflake with per-second pricing and near-zero administration across three major cloud providers. The centralized system further simplifies simplicity as it reduces the number of silos and increases the available processing power at a central point.

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Why Nextrow Digital for Data Warehouse as a Service?

At NextRow, we have a team of experienced data engineers and developers to provide you with top-notch data warehousing services. With us by your side, you can be assured that you have constant access to your data and 24/7 support. Additionally, our Snowflake data warehouse services take into all the required security measures to safeguard your data and provide compliance with the relevant regulations and protocols.

As an experienced Snowflake consulting service provider, we help enterprises leverage their data assets through industry-best practices and integration with existing business intelligence solutions. partner with us to experience the Data Cloud that helps eliminate the complexity, expenses, and constraints inherent with other solutions.


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