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Consultation And Audit Services

NextRow provides Quality Assurance, Inspection, Audit, Monitoring, and Consultation services to the client and has the team of highly qualified and trained quality technician and auditors to accomplish these. Our exceptional consultation and auditing services support the needs of your organization and act as a seamless outsourced extension of your organization.

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Benefits Of Consultation And Audit Services:

  • Get insight into the alternatives and much better situations that could be reached in future.
  • Facts are interpreted to identify and analyze key developments, and making recommendations about them based on the reference framework.
  • The auditor provides additional assurance.
  • Consultation ensures multi-directional approach resulting into the productive interaction between consultant and client.

Why Choose NextRow

Over the years we have provides tech-oriented consultancy, auditing, training services to corporates and helped them assess their risk. Delivering a well-managed network demands more than just day-to-day attention, hence, we always keep a professional approach towards all projects and services. Being experts in this industry with extensive experience, we are always going to get the comprehensive solutions for your needs.


QaaS Services

Performance Optimization

NextRow provides Quality Assurance Inspection Audit Monitoring and Consulting to the client and has the team of highly qualified and trained quality technician and auditors to accomplish all these. We provide exceptional consultation and auditing services to support the needs of your organization and act as a seamless outsourced extension of your organization.

Automation Testing

Large projects often require a huge investment in testing services before the launch and the whole process consumes a lot of time resources and requires additional expense. NextRow’s automated testing service intends to speed up the process involved in the testing of such large projects which is cost-effective and also ensures faster time to market for your next-gen application with much-needed quality.

Functional Testing

Our Functional Testing Services ensure the verification and validation of applications for independent software vendors and enterprises. We engage with clients in the different stages of the lifecycle to align the testing objectives against the overall business goals. Our major focus lies on the testing the applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user expectations for functionality.

Mobile App Testing

For more than 12 years we have been in the business of custom software development and testing and provide a range of services on Mobile app testing with our deep Software QA Testing expertise. We offer our services across all major Mobile Devices Platforms Domains and Operating Systems.

Web App Testing

NextRow Digital has rich experience in Web App Testing and is a well know name in testing services on web application & websites. Our extensive Web app testing services include both automation and extensive manual testing to ensure the high-quality app. We maximize web application quality performance and availability by browser compatibility testing on the different platforms including Mac Linux Mobile etc.

Magento Testing

Magento is the leading eCommerce platform and the quality of the website is the key point of sales for eCommerce. The purpose of Magento based project testing is to make sure that each feature like payments registration checkout process adding a product to cart etc. meets all your requirements. We are well experienced in Magento testing and have comprehensive knowledge base along with dedicated teams specialized in the testing of eCommerce projects.

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