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Functional Testing

Ensure the early release of better-quality products with our expertise in functional testing services. At NextRow Digital, we perform software functional testing to meet and dominate the end-user’s expectations.

Functional Testing Services | NextRow Digital

Functional Unit Testing

Validate individual units of software to check the performance of modules as per the set design and fix the bugs at an early stage.

Functional System Testing

Test system’s compliance with functional, technical, and business specifications as a whole and make it effective from the user’s point of view

Functional Integration Testing

Integrate different modules of a product and test them in a group to validate their reliability and unwrinkled functionality.

Functional User Acceptance Testing

Check whether the software can match the user’s expectations and guarantee the similar performance in real-world scenarios.

Functional Testing Service | NextRow Digital
Functional Testing Analysis | NextRow Digital

Our Functional
Testing Approach

Requirement Analysis and Gathering: Collect the relevant data to understand the objectives, goals and deliverables of your product for full functional test.

Define a Strategy: Follow a customer-centric approach and select the right set of functional testing tools & techniques that match your prerequisites and project budget.

Identify Test Metrics: Draft a detailed test plan to address the traceability matrix, resources, risks, and environment needed to test the functionality of a web based applications as well as software modules.

Test Case Execution: Execute the test cases and analyze the results to report the issues. Fix the bugs if there are any. Re-test the complete module to ensure that there are no discrepancies in the product.

Summary Report: Prepare a detailed report of the QA functional testing strategy and evaluate it against the expected results.

Functional Testing | NextRow Digital

Why Choose NextRow Digital’s Functional Testing Solutions?

At NextRow Digital, being a leader in delivering high-quality functional testing as a service to clients all over the world, our main objective is to analyze the performance of functional components using the unit, system, integration, and user acceptance testing and then, follow a proven methodology to ensure that the product is successfully handover without any issues/bugs.   

Our years of experience have helped several large-scale enterprises to adopt an organized approach in unit testing and functional testing and leverage the benefits of various tools and technologies to improve the scalability, performance, and security. With our highly experienced team of automated functional testing professionals, we can fix the defects at the early stage and accelerate overall time to market. Get in touch with us to discuss your next project for any application functional testing with us at NextRow Digital.  



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