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Why move to Marketo? Reasons for embarking on a migration plan

A lot of reasons are there to use Marketo. Here are a few examples of how Marketo fits into the current marketing technology stack:

  • Leader: Both Forrester and Gartner recognize Marketo as a Leader
  • Salesforce CRM Integration: Best Salesforce Sales Cloud integration
  • Marketing operations scalability: Replicate campaigns easier using configurable templates for multiple channels.
  • Simplify campaign creation: Clone templates.
  • Workspaces and partitions help you keep everything separate.
  • Reporting: Improved reporting and analytics in one platform.
  • Nurture campaigns: Allows streamlined and flexible transitions
  • One source of truth: Marketo brings in more data for your records to better tailor your strategies and gets to know your audience
  • LaunchPoint: A rich ecosystem of partners and marketing technologies that bring all your marketing data into your system of record.
  • Fantastic peer-support for users, including the Marketing Nation community where users can share tips and tricks to get the most out of Marketo
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Ready to Make the Switch?

Involve the right people from your organization. Gather your marketing, web, CRM teams and sales operations to prepare the transition to NextRow Digital.

  • Marketing team: Marketing first the leaders in your marketing operations set objectives, execute marketing campaigns and enforce new processes.
  • Web team: Adds tracking codes to your websites that record your visitors web activities including managing the website forms. They can also acquire the necessary vanity domains to host your website and keep an eye on email deliverability through the use of DKIM, SPK, and IP-Warm up the process.
  • CRM team: Your CRM admin will be a close collaborator. The team forms a crucial entity of how technology can be used for your sales and marketing process. Your CRM team can help with the CRM integration and all the data that needs to come over to Marketo.
  • Sales operations: Works in harmony with your marketing team. They use the email templates provided to enable sales. Of course, they also participate in the lead assignment process and also coordinates for sales user training.

How Can We Help Migrate to Marketo?

In the first 30 days, we’ll help you with marketing set-up, CRM integration, technical set-up, project management, and training. NextRow Digital guides you through the training until you’re well versed in all facets of Marketo and become experts. To do so, we:

  • Offer an extra hand to help you in a smooth transition to Marketo.
  • Launch the first campaigns with you so you can get the hang of it.
  • Create a campaign launch process.
  • Prepare your templates to scale your operations.
  • Evaluate new roles and responsibilities in marketing operations.
  • Find out what’s new and relevant to sales are.
  • Leverage the Marketo resources to empower you with the right technical tools to be self-sufficient
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The services we offer at NextRow encompass the assistance elements necessary to achieve a successful and powerful web presence, and we are bound to deliver on all levels by enlisting the skills of every specialized department.