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Lead scoring helps your sales team to find and focus on the hottest leads, who are most likely to buy. You can practice scoring your leads on both behavioral and demographic (also known as firmographic) parameters to have the best understanding about when someone is ready to engage with sales.

When do companies use Macro for lead scoring?

Both marketing and sales departments turn to NextRow Digital in the following scenarios:

  • For starting to use both behavioral and demographic lead scoring
  • When the current lead scoring needs optimization to make it more accurate for the sales process
  • To put in place, complex lead scoring and grading methodologies for different product lines and service offerings
  • Want to explore advance lead scoring techniques such as predictive analytics
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What’s in store for you?
  • Lead scoring workshop & build
  • Advance lead scoring practices and examples
  • Alliance of both sales & marketing departments on lead scoring process and methodologies
  • Training for sales to use lead scoring

Why NextRow

NextRow Digital is a new age digital agency, and an Adobe Solutions partner specialized in Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud technology implementations. For years, with our extensive experience combined with a flexible, collaborative approach, we have helped clients meet their business needs successfully.

  • Adobe Business Solution Partner
  • 11 Years of MarTech and Digital Transformation excellence
  • We understand the true value of Data
  • Certified digital analytics experts and expertise
  • Global operations to support regional businesses
  • Cross industry domain experience
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