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Why lead nurture?

Lead nurturing is also called drip marketing, which ensures that content is delivered as needed for leads which could potentially be used by clients at some point in the future. It’s a crucial modern marketing tactic.

NextRow Digital develops the strategy and implementation to make sure that all leads get engaged with the appropriate message at the right stage in the buying cycle. Marketo is not very intuitive when it comes to building a sequence of emails, but our expertise helps you make everything work as it should.

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Advantages of lead nurture:
  • Maintain engagement with leads which are not ready to buy yet
  • Move opportunities down the pipeline faster
  • Educate leads regarding your products and services
  • Automate communications, weekly or monthly
  • Target content for different buying cycle stages
  • Discover and investigate additional revenue opportunities

Why NextRow

NextRow Digital is a new age digital agency, and an Adobe Solutions partner specialized in Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud technology implementations. For years, with our extensive experience combined with a flexible, collaborative approach, we have helped clients meet their business needs successfully.

  • Adobe Business Solution Partner
  • 11 Years of MarTech and Digital Transformation excellence
  • We understand the true value of Data
  • Certified digital analytics experts and expertise
  • Global operations to support regional businesses
  • Cross industry domain experience
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