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We have got covered each and every aspect of Magento in details and believe that by completion of the course you won’t have any questions such a “how do I do that?”. It is vital to make the most out of your Magento implementation and understand the advanced features in depth.

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Why choose NextRow Digital’s Magento Training Courses?

Our team comes with the experience of 10 years to work with various eCommerce projects and would be more than happy to share that experience with you. Every single one of them is a Certified Magento Developer and/or Specialist.

Custom built program for your needs

Every business is different and has its own specifics and we, like no one else, understand that fact. Therefore, we are offering custom training for you to get specialize in this sphere and grow your knowledge in a specific part and not necessarily needed to take the whole course. We can create a training program according to your convenience and business goals.

Benefits of custom training:

    • Save time by learning only important for your business part of Magento.
    • Improve your knowledge of specific Magento functionalities.
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Why NextRow

NextRow Digital is a new age digital agency, and an Adobe Solutions partner specialized in Adobe Analytics Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Magento technology implementations. For years, with our extensive experience combined with a flexible, collaborative approach, we have helped clients meet their business needs successfully.

  • Being An Adobe Business level partner and with deep expertise in Magento
  • 11 Years of MarTech and Digital Transformation excellence
  • We understand the true value of Data
  • 10+ Certified Magento Developers
  • Global operations to support regional businesses
  • Cross industry domain experience
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Together We Build Experiences

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The services we offer at NextRow encompass the assistance elements necessary to achieve a successful and powerful web presence, and we are bound to deliver on all levels by enlisting the skills of every specialized department.