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When you’re a part of NextRow Digital Managed Services, you gain access to flexible support agreements backed by a results-oriented team of eCommerce professionals – regardless of who built your online store. We have the potential to turn your Magento implementation into a true growth engine, engendering customer trust, driving incremental sales and higher adoption rates. The NextRow Digital Managed Services leads your Magento store to its peak performance.

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Ongoing Magento maintenance & support

NextRow Digital ensures the ongoing availability of your Magento‑powered solution and fast issue resolution. Our certified Magento experts take care of all aspects to ensure smooth operation – installation, configuration, updates, and custom development.

Magento migration support

As part of our services, Staylime supports your solution migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. We come with 24/7 operability of your Magento 1 storefront that can be seamlessly migrated to Magento 2.

By entrusting maintenance and support to Staylime’s team, you:

  1. We are mainly focused on your core business and our specialists take care of full maintenance and support responsibilities.
  2. Have NextRow Digital comes with dedicated reserved resources, remaining certain that you have access to them on demand, without spending any additional time to search for contract Magento developers.
  3. Decrease risks by entrusting your business to the safe hands of NextRow Digital’s team who will eliminate your store’s downtime and act quickly if issues arise.
  4. Recover from disaster proactively in case service interruptions, data loss or cybersecurity attacks affect your Magento store.

Custom development

As part of NextRow Digital’s maintenance and support services, we offer custom development of additional features to your online store and fix functionality bugs, keeping track of and managing changes to your solution with version control systems.

Theme updates & fixes

Oftentimes, themes do not keep up with Magento’s development pace and become dysfunctional when the latter is updated.

In case your custom theme breaks after the upgrade to the latest version of Magento, NextRow Digital checks it for compatibility and refines the theme to eliminate the problems.

UI/UX updates & fixes

When it comes to updating or correcting your store’s UX and UI design, NextRow Digital helps you fix any usability errors to drive customer conversion rate in your online store, thus boosting sales.

Updates installation & fixes

We help you install the most recent Magento updates in due time to ensure proper operation of your online store.

Our experts are ready to assist you in finding and fixing defects, in case of Magento releases faulty updates.

Extension updates & fixes

As part of maintaining and improving Magento extensions, NextRow Digital offers accurate and timely updates of installed extensions, as well as compatibility and third‑party integration issue fixes.

Performance audit & optimization

NextRow Digital’s experts render performance audit and optimization services, including:

  1. Updating and upgrading your server environment
  2. Uninstalling unused and obsolete Magento extensions
  3. Detecting and fixing poorly performing custom extensions
  4. Minimizing the number of database requests
  5. Wrapping custom functionality into extensions

Enjoy Stress-free Magento Support & Maintenance with our Expert Developers

Our deliberate and strategic managed Magento support services help e-tailers in maintaining fully consistent and engaging shopping experience for Magento shops. We are one-stop – pit stop destination when it comes to handling tricky issues, holding a high-traffic, holiday campaigns or constant innovations; our team stands by 24/7/365.

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Why NextRow

NextRow Digital is a new age digital agency, and an Adobe Solutions partner specialized in Adobe Analytics Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Magento technology implementations. For years, with our extensive experience combined with a flexible, collaborative approach, we have helped clients meet their business needs successfully.

  • Being An Adobe Business level partner and with deep expertise in Magento
  • 11 Years of MarTech and Digital Transformation excellence
  • We understand the true value of Data
  • 10+ Certified Magento Developers
  • Global operations to support regional businesses
  • Cross industry domain experience
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