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Marketo Lead Scoring &

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing with Marketo lead scoring & Qualification model. We help you prioritize the leads for a better ROI.

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Smash the Sales Funnel for Massive Revenue Growth

Marketo Lead Scoring model & sales lead Qualification model to enable you to keep an eye on the online behavior of your potential buyers and determine whether they are worth pursuing.

With NextRow Digital, you can build a strategy for lead scoring in Marketo that helps your sales team to attract organic traffic and convert them into valuable customers for measurable results.

We Align Marketing and Sales Objectives

To encourage prospects to move from one stage of the funnel to another, it is important for your business to have sales and marketing teams on the same page i.e., they should focus on achieving the same goals. At NextRow Digital, our experts strive to get that kind of alignment between your teams and leave no stone unturned to create a positive environment for leak-proof funnels.

We Use Implicit and Explicit Scoring

Considering implicit and explicit lead scoring in marketo helps you know a lot more about the prospects. For instance, with implicit scoring, you can look at their behavioral actions to interpret their interest in your offerings, and with explicit scoring, you can make assumptions based on their demographic information. At NextRow Digital we rely on these 2 elements to keep your potential customers glued.

We Analyze Lead Scoring Metrics

Make sure to examine the objective of each lead carefully to deliver a great customer experience. Our Marketo lead scoring guide is meant to help you choose the highly interested prospects that are ready for a transition from a lead to a buyer using our detailed lead scoring metrics. Our lead scoring metrics eliminate the unwanted chaos from the cycle so that you can invest your time and efforts wisely.

We Track Performance to Increase Sales Velocity

Monitoring your Marketo lead scoring program helps you get valuable insights on where your business is lagging and what can you do to improve the Marketo lead qualification rate. At NextRow Digital, our team works hard to track the performance of the Marketo lead scoring model and suggests you the recommendation for continuous improvements.

Marketo Lead Scoring and Qualification | NextRow Digital
Marketo Lead Scoring and Qualification | NextRow Digital

Why NextRow Digital?

NextRow Digital’s certified team of Marketo professionals backed with several years of experience as a next-gen digital agency, helps businesses to create Marketo lead scoring campaigns using tried and testing approach. Keeping your requirements and marketing goals in mind, we optimize the existing Marketo strategy based on the behavioral and demographic parameters of your target audience and suggest ways to convert MQLs into SQLs.

At NextRow Digital, we understand you and your business. Our prior aim is to help organizations to focus on more qualified leads so that you can prioritize the visitors and boost conversion rates with high ROI. We know that the one-size-fits-for-all approach doesn’t work for everyone and hence we tailored the Marketo lead engagement system that fits best to your business needs. With us, you can unleash the potential of Marketo and make the most of your investments. Get in touch with us to find out more about our Marketo Lead Scoring & Qualification model.


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