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Marketo Campaign Execution

Nurture the sheer balance of creativity, innovation, technology, and art with Marketo experts at NextRow Digital. We create Marketo nurture campaigns that meet your business goals.

Marketo Impementation | NextRow Digital
Marketo services | NextRow Digital

Deliver Engaging Experiences to Your Audience with the Right Campaign Strategy

Roll out the excellent marketing campaigns to get faster results. We are proficient in executing the campaigns that adhere to the industry standards. Other than that, our team also reviews and monitors the campaign on an everyday basis to make sure you get the most of Marketo software.

We Analyze and Build the Target Segment

Focus on the target segment of the campaign to achieve the best results from it. We, at NextRow Digital, leverage our expertise to design a Marketo smart campaign as well as Marketo email campaign that aligns with your marketing strategy. Our experts also ensure that the campaign addresses the pain-points of the customers and deliver the right message at the right time

We Use Lead Scoring Framework

Understanding the behavioural pattern of the prospects helps you decide whether they’re worth-pursuing and if they are, when to convert them into valuable customers. At NextRow Digital, we use a lead scoring framework to prioritize the engaged leads for a conversation with the sales/marketing team and schedule their follow-up to move them into nurture streams.

We Provide Marketing Analytics Services

It’s important to build the revenue model to boost the overall performance of the Marketo Campaign management. Our professionals provide marketing analytics services to demonstrate a measurable impact of the campaign and give an insight into the entire cycle. We empower marketers to make data-driven decisions that help them generate the maximum leads.

We Organize Hands-On Training Programs

Training programs and workshops assist you in interpreting how the potential leads operate across multiple social media channels. We implement the best Marketo practices to maintain the consistent quality of the training modules and help you increase your business sales in much lesser time.

Marketo Campaign Execution | NextRow Digital
Marketo Campaign Execution | NextRow Digital

Why NextRow Digital?

You need to partner with a team of certified professionals who can help you create and deliver dynamic campaigns that your audience deserves. At NextRow Digital, we understand your marketing objectives and accordingly come up with a strategic approach that enables us to execute Marketo smart campaigns and Marketo email campaigns that fit best your needs.

As a pioneer in the digital and marketing space for more than a decade with proven expertise, our experts know how to personalize the customer experiences across all channels and help our clients drive the maximum value from Marketo. We coordinate with your sales and marketing team to gain in-depth knowledge on what works best for your business and ensure that that you get the most meaningful, conceptualized, interactive, and personalized Marketo campaign execution services that boost your sales funnel.


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