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Many System Integrator partners have expertise in AEM. Companies, which are into digital transformation solutions and services understand marketing cloud better. NextRow is a new age customer transformation company that prides itself in technology and in marketing. Our teams of experts can be leveraged from both sides of the spectrum to deliver the best experiences for your customers, based on the integrated environments.

Adobe Scene 7

Dynamic Media

The Adobe Dynamic Media, renders images dynamically with different renditions. This will save lot of storage space in DAM. Many built in features such as YouTube integration, pre-set images, smart imaging and AEM integration with Dynamic Media helps you deliver the best experiences for your customers


Adobe Analytics

Integrating your AEM with the Adobe Analytics allows you to keep track of visitors and customers, lets you feed the data to personalization tools to deliver the best experiences for your visitors and helps convert them into customers. With Adobe Launch, it’s even easier to build Analytics and map KPIs.


Adobe Target

You are no longer stuck with same content for all visitors! Test experiences with A/B and multi variance testing to understand the visitor’s behavior and roll out the winning experience to the rest. A seamless integration between AEM and Target helps you deliver better experience to your customers.



B2B campaigns or B2C are all covered with Marketo (newly acquired by Adobe) and with Adobe Campaign. A seamless integration between Adobe Campaign and AEM helps B2C companies deliver targeted content at the right time on the right channel. NextRow’s AEM-Marketo connector helps clients to fill the gap for B2B companies.

Other Services

Our work speaks volume for the skill set and experience we have in

AEM Consultation

AEM Consultation & Implementation

NextRow is an authorized Adobe Solution Partner and we provide services like AEM implementations…


Migration to AEM

We offer migration services including content digital assets and application migration from other CMS to Adobe Experience Manager…

AEM managed Services

Managed Services of AEM

NextRow offers managed services for AEM including L2/L3 support with a focus on quality to manage…


AEM Integration with third party tools

NextRow has been a reliable partner for many Fortune 500 companies in integrating Adobe Experience Manager…

Marketing Cloud Integration

Marketing Cloud integration with AEM

NextRow’s team of experts will assist you to seamlessly integrate your Adobe Experience Manager with…

AEM Training

AEM Training

Leverage our experienced pool of AEM experts and get yourself trained in handling and using various…

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