What is Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) ?

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a web content management system that allows organizations to deliver highly personalized digital experience to audience across different delivery channels. Key Components of AEM include

AEM Assets


Web Content Management (WCM)

, Multi Site Manager (MSM), and

AEM Mobile

Using Adobe Experience Manager, authors can create, edit and manage web pages/sites in many languages for different brands and multiple regions.
AEM allows tight integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud (or third party marketing tools) to enhance user experience and to reach target audience better.
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Adobe Experience Manager

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Reasons Why to Choose NextRow

NextRow is a system integrator offering web experience management services using Adobe Experience Manager. We served many clients globally in implementing/integrating AEM projects. NextRow's 24-hour development cycle offers with fast turnaround time on our clients' CQ projects using our multiple development centers globally. We also provide our clients onsite and offsite support. We stay ahead in the current competitive market by providing assistance to our most valuable clients in delivering on schedule while meeting/exceeding quality standards.


Adobe Experience Manager is a WCMS platform designed to deliver personalized user experience to your website visitors. It enables companies to create, manage and optimize multiple websites and deliver them across multiple channels.
CQ5 was launched by Day Software in 2008 as Day CQ5 to extend its Day Communique portfolio. Following the acquisition of Day Software by Adobe Systems in 2010, it was renamed to Adobe CQ5. In 2013, CQ5 was renamed to Adobe Experience Manager by Adobe Systems.
Adobe Experience Manager is a part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud solution. It is tightly integrated with the other Marketing Cloud solutions including Target, Analytics, Audience Manager, Social, and Scene7 to deliver personalized web experiences. Adobe Experience Manager can also be integrated with different marketing and e-Commerce solutions to reach target customers better.
Companies can:
  • Improve digital experiences of their customers and increase their brand presence across multiple channels.
  • Use the integrated capabilities of web content management (WCM) and digital asset management (DAM) to edit and optimize content/digital assets of their digital platforms.
  • Create, edit and manage multiple websites for different regions and brands in different languages using the Multi Site Management feature.
  • Interact with customers across different social channels using the social marketing tools in AEM including communities, blogs, shared calendars, ratings and reviews, and forums.
Several companies are launching personalized websites using Adobe Experience Manager to establish their brand presence globally. Some of these include:
La Redoute: A French online retailer is offering 150,000 items and 30,000 products in 12,000 categories to customers on its website. The company uses digital asset management (DAM) capabilities of Adobe experience manager to manage logos and photos of all products on 7 website globally.
Singapore Tourism Board: An economic development organization has increased the number of international visitors to Singapore to over 20% by creating www.yoursingapore.com website using Adobe Experience Manager. It has delivered localized content in six languages for key markets through the website.
Robert Walters: A British recruitment consultancy has published more than 40 websites in 9 different languages using Adobe Experience Manager. Robert Walters has also enabled marketers from 22 countries to author localized content and set foundation to deliver content for mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms.
At NextRow, we like to accept the challenges faced by companies during the implementation of Adobe Experience Manager. Leveraging the expertise of our team of Adobe certified AEM developers/architects, companies can implement Adobe AEM and deploy the platform on schedule.
Our successful strategies combined with recommended best practices from Adobe will help you in your Adobe Experience Manager implementation and migration enabling you to deliver high end interactive web/mobile experiences to your customers.
We serve companies globally with our flexible business models and offer them different services including:
  • AEM consulting engagements and implementation.
  • Migration services to replace current CMS with Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Maintenance/support services for Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Expert assistance in integrating AEM with Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions and other digital marketing tools.

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